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Empowered Beauty
Eye of Horus is a luxury, cruelty-free, Australian beauty brand, thoughtfully designed in Byron Bay. We are committed to offering premium cosmetics that are clean, conscious and considered. 

We place high performance first, alongside ingredient integrity and harness ancient beauty rituals and sacred ingredients to create effective, award-winning formulations that enhance your natural beauty. 

The name Eye of Horus pays homage to the originators of holistic beauty, the Ancient Egyptians, and we take inspiration from their wisdom to cultivate timeless, innovative cosmetics.

Our high-performance formulas are pristine, pure and effective. Our consistent awards for Best Product and Best Makeup Brand attest to our product performance and ingredient integrity, along with our five-star customer reviews from a loyal following of dedicated fans and advocates. 

Each product is a collection of stories, traditions and learnings that intend to empower with beauty, confidence and purpose. 
our story
We look to the past to inspire our future
Holly Schleich founded Eye of Horus with a mission to change the way we do beauty. 

“Before the conception of Eye of Horus, I studied Naturopathy and alternative medicine. In my high school years, I missed out on so much time suffering from Chronic Fatigue. I tried everything, yet the medical industry was without answers or solutions. 

“The only thing that assisted my recovery was a combination of plant botanicals and alternative therapies. This took me on a pathway to learn more about natural medicine and its healing properties. I finished high school and studied a degree in Business, my fascination in the power of plants continued to grow. I went on to study Naturopathy and, from there, I developed a skincare brand. Eye of Horus was born out of my strong knowledge and passion for the healing power of plants, and the desire to embed this into the everyday lives of others through beautiful, timeless cosmetics,” said Holly.
In humble beginnings, Holly developed the mascara that no one else had thought of - an organic formulation for sensitive eyes, using sacred oils that drew on ancient wisdom in beauty. 

Today, Eye of Horus is a renowned cosmetic company that upholds those same values to produce clean, conscious beauty, with products sold in over 400 stores across Australia. 
Utilising ingredients like hemp, pomegranate, and Moringa oil, all with deep roots in ancient Middle Eastern history, Eye of Horus is built by a collaborative, inspired team surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Byron Bay, each with a love for all that is organic, ethical and beautiful. 
Holly is deeply passionate about sharing her love of clean beauty the world over. “My mission is to empower you with beauty, confidence and purpose. We love seeing our ideas materialise into timeless, ground-breaking products that make our customers feel truly alive, unique and beautiful.” ~ Holly. 

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