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Our Promise to Circularity

Circular packaging

Circularity is at the forefront of product development and evolution at Eye of Horus. We are continuously working towards environmental solutions through the use of Earth-friendly packaging, in an effort to reduce our footprint and close the loop in the beauty industry.

All product refills, or new product launches, will be designed using sustainable materials that complement a circular economy, such as post-consumer recycled packaging, which is an environmentally-conscious material made from 2nd generation recycled waste, or refillable packaging. PCR packaging, and refillable packaging both minimise the demand for virgin plastics, which result in landfill.

In partnership with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), we have pledged to achieve the Government 2025 Packaging Targets, which look to maximise the circular value of materials, energy and labour within the local economy, in an effort to keep packaging materials out of landfill. The covenant acknowledges that all packaging created, used and sold in Australia requires a complete and systemic change to the way it is created, collected and recovered. Learn more about our Sustainable Packaging Guidelines and Recycling Policy or view our 2023 APCO Annual Report and Action Plan here.

This is the vision for our packaging future, a future that recognises our planet has finite resources to meet our ever increasing consumption.

In support of a circular economy, we have partnered with the TerraCycle Program, making it as seamless as possible for you to recycle your beauty empties. Simply, complete a recycling form via our website, and you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label. Once packaged, ship your empties back to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Lash Lift Mascara Black
Db 485,000.00STD
Db 647,000.00
Seven Seed Sacred Oil
Db 1,023,000.00STD
Db 1,279,000.00