Sacred ingredients, innovative formulations
Our unique and creative approach is to craft an alchemy of botanicals, oils and sacred ingredients that enhance your natural beauty and bring your inner essence to life. 
All of our award-winning, non-irritating formulations are infused with sacred waxes and oils. A respect for ancient alchemy drives our passion and love of healing oils. Moringa oil is elemental in every Eye of Horus product, containing several bioactive compounds which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Our products celebrate and utilise sacred healing oils as described in ancient manuscripts which include Abyssinnian, Pomegranate, Marula, Hemp, Baobab and Nigella Seed. 
Clean, conscious & considered
Our modern formulations are based on organics and the power of plants. We are committed to sourcing only the finest, naturally derived, organic ingredients of the highest integrity whilst ensuring we deliver high-performing products that last. Our range of products are free from parabens, gluten, synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals.

“Innovative beauty is central to the thought process from concept to delivery. It means that the way we develop our products is truly unique and it’s what sets us apart. We embrace change and growth, and are constantly looking at ways to heighten the performance of our products, allowing you to wear makeup that has high impact, staying power, superior coverage, and effortless glow, while always remaining true to our core values of sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship.” ~ Holly. 
OUR VAlues
Ethical, Cruelty-Free Beauty
We are proud registered members of ‘Choose Cruelty Free’. We promise to always advocate for kindness to all creatures both great and small. We are working towards a completely Vegan collection of beauty products. Our only products that are not 100% Vegan are our Goddess Mascara and Pencils that contain ethically sourced beeswax

We continuously work towards minimising our footprint, contributing to a circular economy and practicing ethical sourcing and manufacturing. Our manufacturing partnerships offer transparency in their process, ingredients and workers’ rights. We aim to create locally made, limited edition, small-batch products wherever possible to minimise our waste and footprint on our environment whilst offering artisan crafter creations.
Innovative Beauty