Goddess Giving: The Global Women's Project

Our Goddess Giving Program is close to our hearts and has been a foundation of our brand since its inception. We support those in need on a regular basis, including communities near and far, various charities and those working towards a positive future. We have a desire for our brand to be a vehicle for change, to portray a positive approach to womanhood.
Our heart is for the liberation and independence of women and children and the care of our environment and the animals that inhabit it. We aim to spread our message of awakening the inner Goddess while being kind to Mother Earth. 
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Eye of Horus - Goddess Giving
The Global Women’s Project is a grassroots non-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers that exist to advance the lives and livelihoods of women everywhere. 
“We believe every woman and girl in the world has the potential to make great change. Unfortunately, not all of them have the same opportunity to”
We felt compelled to learn more about the work this organisation is doing, how we can each create positive change and ways in which we can show our support. The team were beyond gracious and happily educated us on the initiative. 
The Global Women’s Project is a grassroots non-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers that exist to advance the lives and livelihoods of women everywhere. 
Our burning passion is women’s education, empowerment and entrepreneurship and we work towards a world where every girl and woman has the right to influence, determine and improve her own life.
Our mission is to provide women in some of the world’s most underserved communities with the knowledge, skills, support and resources that they need to build better lives for themselves and their families.
We find that working with women is a hugely effective way to bring about social change. When women in our communities earn an income they consistently reinvest over 90% of it back into their families - for men that figure is only around 40%. Women are also more likely to pass on their new knowledge and skills to their children and other community members, thereby improving the lives of more people and helping to lift whole communities up out of poverty. 
Since our inception in 2013, we have provided over 3000 women in rural Nepal with financial and legal rights awareness training, domestic violence support, access to micro-loans and other business resources, and support to develop, build and grow individual and collective small businesses. 
Since the implementation of COVID-19 lockdowns in Nepal in April 2020, we have worked with our in-country partner to provide up to 900 hot meals a week to women and their families who lost all access to work and income. 
In the Stung Treng province of Cambodia during FY19, 192 women and girls participated in Computer and English classes to help them engage in a (then) growing tourist economy. 
After the impacts of COVID-19, we introduced a new project that is currently training 35 women in organic vegetable farming techniques so that they can grow and sell their own healthy produce since supplies of fresh produce from other countries and regions have stopped.
In July 2020 we also launched a new partnership in Burundi, providing 60 women with a dedicated modern basket weaving training program and start-up capital and market store premises from which to make and sell their own goods. 
Over the next 5 years we hope to reach another 5000 women across Nepal, Cambodia, Burundi and beyond, and also have plans to establish some girls empowerment programs through partnerships with local Indigenous-owned and run organisations in Australia. 
As an entirely volunteer-run organisation, we are in a unique position to get the vast majority of your money directly where it is needed most - with 94% of all funds raised in FY20 going directly into our overseas programs. 
If you are in a position to support our programs on a monthly basis please consider becoming a regular donor by using the instructions found here.
One-off donations are also always warmly welcomed and very much appreciated!
If you have a birthday or special occasion coming up you may also like to start a Facebook Fundraiser - they are a super easy and highly effective way to fundraise through your friends and family, and 100% of the money raised will be transferred to our programs. Find out more here.
Finally, if you run a business of your own and would like to partner with us please contact us or visit us here to sign up or find out more.
We were truly moved by what we discovered and the selfless work they are doing and felt it was our duty to raise awareness by sharing our findings with you too. To show our gratitude and support, Eye of Horus has made a pledge to donate 2% of all November sales to The Global Women’s Project. 

We encourage you to help in any way you can - every amount or act of service counts.
Together we can create positive change.
Have a question or want to learn more about the Goddess Giving program? 
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