Get the look // Golden Hour Glow

The transition from day to evening during the summer starts with golden hour, a slice of time where the sun begins to set and illuminates everything in a heavenly warm glow. 

For this Golden Hour inspired look, we used a universally flattering warm colour palette with some shimmery finishes and applied a glistening smoky eye to recreate the signature golden glow which can be achieved at any time of the day. 

Combine with dewy skin, brushed-up fluffy brows, lengthened lashes and a nude lip for the ultimate sun-kissed and luminous look.

Get the look

Luminous Skin

1. Start by cleansing and moisturising your skin so you have a fresh, clean base to begin creating a beautiful golden glow. For an extra radiant look, mix in a few drops of the Luminous Highlighter in Dusk Bronze with your moisturiser and apply evenly across your face.

2. Apply the Triple C Concealer in your ideal shade to the under eyes and other desired areas of the face to even out the skin tone, blending out with your fingertips or using the Vegan Concealer Brush.

3. Using the shade Bronze Ochre from the Love and Light Palette, warm up the face by applying it with the Vegan Contour Brush along the cheekbones, nose, forehead and jawline for a summery glow. To complement the bronzer, apply the shade Ethereal Rose to the apples of the cheeks for a flushed, vibrant finish.

4. Illuminate the high points of the cheeks using the Luminous Highlighter in Dusk Bronze to elevate the golden glow.

Golden Eyes

5. With the Vegan Blending Brush, apply a light amount of the shade Jupiter from the Summer Solstice Palette through the crease of the eye lid and diffuse evenly. Then apply the shade Mars, focusing on the outer corners of the lids and blending until a smooth transition is achieved. Then with the Vegan Eyeshadow Brush, pat the shade Burst from the middle to the inner corners of the lid for a golden shimmery finish.

For an intensified look, spritz a touch of water onto the Vegan Blending Brush before applying the gold pigment to the lid.

6. To accentuate the eyes, apply the Goddess Pencil in Nubian Brown along the lash line and softly smudge out using the opposite end until smooth. For an elongated look, continue the eye liner and slightly wing out, ensuring it lifts and doesn’t droop the eyes.

7. To finish of the eyes, curl your lashes using the Goddess Lash Curler and clamp until lifted. Apply two coats of the Goddess Mascara Babylon Brown to open up the eyes and add volume to the lashes.

You can read more tips on creating longer, fuller lashes here.

8. Shape and fill your brows using the Dual Brow Perfect applying light strokes that mimic the hair’s natural growth. Brush and set the brow hairs in place for the day by combing them over with the brow gel wand.

Plump Lips

9. Pair the Goddess Lipstick in Artemis Nude with the Bio Lip Elixir and apply over the lips for a subtle finish, or, for a slight nod to the 90s, try the ombré lip trend by selecting a darker Artistry Lip Liner and pairing it with a lighter shade of lipstick to give the illusion of plumper lips.


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