To Harness the Power of Ancient Beauty, with Purpose
All of us at Eye of Horus believe not only in the wisdom of Goddesses past, but the power of positive change to ensure a bright future for all. We embody a stance of compassion and awareness for our environment and those who reside upon it now and into the future.
Our Products
We utilise proven modern formulations, based on organics and the power of plants. Our multi award-winning, universal products place high performance first with ingredient integrity. It is our duty to ethically source only the finest, naturally derived, organic ingredients wherever possible whilst ensuring we deliver high-performing products that last. All of what we offer is paraben-free, gluten-free and harsh chemical-free.
“Our roots have always resided deep in wisdom from the past. A large part of this was drawing on natural formulations where ingredients were sourced within their natural state and therefore treading lightly on the earth. This is and always will be important to me."
- Holly, our Co-Founder
Our Packaging
We continuously work towards minimising our footprint with the aim to utilise recycled materials that can then be recycled, thereby contributing to a circular economy. We are working towards all containers being produced from existing excess plastic - PCR ( Post Consumer Resin ). Our product cartons and shipping boxes are produced from recycled materials.
Every recycled piece of material is one less piece of waste floating in our seas, harming our marine life or contributing to landfill. We are not there yet but we are committed to working towards a truly neutral carbon footprint and sustainable future with our product offerings.
“A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.”
- The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Never Tested on Animals, Ever
We pledge to always and forever be cruelty-free and campaign for kindness to all creatures both great and small. You can confidently use your cosmetics knowing no animal has been harmed in its process of creation. We endeavour to be 100% Vegan, the only reason this is not the case is due to our ethically sourced beeswax in our Goddess Mascara and Pencils. We are registered and approved with Choose Cruelty Free and proudly display our registered logo to give confidence to our consumer that every ingredient as well as every product has never been tested on an animal.
Those we Work With
All of our manufacturer partnerships offer transparency in their processes, ingredients and workers’ rights. We aim to create locally made, limited edition, small-batch products wherever possible to minimise transport whilst offering artisan crafted, local creations. We endeavour to utilise organic ingredients wherever possible, to ensure people working to harvest, package and use our products and ingredients are not harmed by harsh chemicals.
Our HQ uses minimal printing, we recycle and even our wonderful small team are carefully considered and aligned with our focus for a better future.
Goddess Giving Program
Our Goddess Giving Program is close to our hearts and has been a large part of our brand's foundation since its inception. We support those in need on a regular basis and have the utmost respect for the people dedicated to a positive future. We have a desire for our brand to be a vehicle for change - we are beauty with purpose. Read here for more.