Scorpio Season

Key Traits: Passionate, Mysterious, Driven, Intuitive, Truthseeker

Known as the most intense sign of the zodiac they are known to be passionate, driven, assertive, mysterious and sensual. This water sign dives in deep seeking truth no matter what the situation.

Highly competitive and focused this sign is driven to succeed, seize opportunities and achieve its dreams and goals. They are brave and are not afraid of a challenge whilst being fiercely loyal to those they love that make it into their inner circle.

Alongside all their beautiful traits this sign does have a shadow side. Cross them and you could experience the Scorpio sting. If out of balance this sign can become resentful, possessive and jealous. Additionally, their ability to think deeply and their constant quest for truth can act as a double-edged sword as Scorpio’s end up living too much in their mind, controlled by the ego. This deep side and unwavering focus are best channeled into meaningful connections with friends and loved ones.

Known for their sensuality and mystery those born in Scorpio be will sure have great style with an alluring glamour drawing people to them with their magnetic energy.

Deep colours link to the soul for this zodiac sign. Channel your inner Scorpio this month with the Scarab Sapphire Goddess Pencil. Its indigo blue shade reflects this water signs mysterious and alluring ways whilst communicating strength, passion and a deep intuitive knowing that is a beautiful trait for those born in Scorpio.