Pisces Goddesses!
We’re bringing something extra special to you this month for our Pisces Season feature. We’ve partnered again with astrologer Daisy Clementine from Flowers For Dais to bring you her expertise and help align you with your authentic nature and souls purpose.
Not a Pisces? That’s okay, Pisces energy is within us all!
Pisces Horoscope - Eye of Horus Cosmetics
Bonjour my sweet, soft, mystical Piscean loves. Remember amores, we are made up of all of the archetypes - so I invite you to see what house is ruled by Pisces in your birth chart.. because this romantic, dreamy, elusive energy will be showing up in this area of your life. Maybe a desire to have a deeper spiritual understanding of what this part of your life means - or how you prefer to escape into fantasy to avoid the reality of that area.
I see Pisces as being pulled in-between heaven and earth. You are so inherently intertwined with the ‘other-side’ with ‘spirit’ - whether you are conscious of it or not. You are tapped into the desire of no separation and unconditional love here on planet earth and to the higher states of consciousness that is complete truth.
However, I’m here to remind you that we are living out this earth experience in a dualistic realm. We are also human - not Buddha. Thus, putting the purity of Pisces ego-lessness into a human body can be really hard for you guys. There is a gift in it however, the gift of teaching others how to appreciate that which lies beyond the material realm. But to be in service and offer your gifts you must first learn (or re-learn) how to live in a human body. How to play by the ‘rules’ down here. Rather than choosing to avoid and escape due to the overwhelm of the density.
In terms of permission, it is important for you to accept that you might always feel slightly disconnected from being fully ‘here’ - that’s part of your gift though, the ability to channel other-worldly beauty through art, dance, music, creative writing and more. It is SO important for you to be sharing your channelled gifts with the world - to bring spirit into form. Otherwise, you are not only doing a disservice to yourself but humankind. You bring hope into the world that there truly is something beyond what we can interact with on the sensual/physical plane.
Rather than saying you are emotionally sensitive (which you indeed still are) - I like to say that Pisces is more energetically sensitive to the collective soup. More so, to the subconscious soup of human consciousness. You are tapped into the collective unconscious parts of self that are far beyond your own subjective experience. Hence why you may find yourself processing things that don’t belong to you. You are indeed ruled by boundary-less energy… meaning that you tend to be like a sponge - absorbing everything around you and also leaking certain things that you mightn’t mean to. If you don’t develop practices or seek a teacher that can support your own spiritual journey you may continue to feel like you are drowning in this world or numbing out altogether.
On the topic of teachers - I urge you to be very careful with who you allow into your life. With who you choose to absorb wisdom from. The truth is that sometimes your naivety can lead you astray. You are able to see the energetic and spiritual potential in others, which can sometimes keep you from seeing the reality of a situation. There is a difference between a connection functioning on the spiritual plane but failing to function in this practical realm - we want to aim for both boxes being ticked. In many ways you are learning how to trust your own inner guiding light… and need teachers that empower you rather than make you feel dependent. Sometimes you lose faith in yourselves because you get confused about this reality and make the wrong decisions. But part of this human journey is learning from one's mistakes.
Keywords: boundary-less, fantasy, spirituality, illusion, ether. I think you guys find it really hard to understand who YOU are sometimes (from a subjective experience)… depending on what else is in the chart. Pisces in her purity (without any other archetype) does not understand physical form or ego. This is why you tend to really undervalue yourselves and struggle to create healthy boundaries. Maybe because you don’t even understand what boundaries are. Where do you end and the other person begins? The danger is believing in your own imagination/illusion/lies and not seeing this reality for what it really is. Maybe because you don’t want to face a painful situation so you prefer to play into the fantasy as a coping mechanism. This will never turn out well for anybody - as the universe likes to give us a big smack to wake us back up. Our soul chose to come and have this human experience for a reason. Use your imagination for art and healing but not to avoid an abusive or toxic situation. You deserve better! And this is a journey for you - relearning self-worth, standards and boundaries.
Pisces Horoscope - Eye of Horus Cosmetics
Pisces in her highest manifestation is here to support the spiritual evolution of the collective human consciousness. Hence, why it is so important to have certain personal practices that strengthen the understanding of your inherent connection to spirit. I encourage Pisces to develop very good self-care practices - as simple as a good skin-care or beauty routine to honour the gift of your physical avatar. Healthy sleeping and eating routines. To bring discipline back into your life and therefore communicate self-respect through action to the universe.
You guys are amazing! So I apologise for any Virgo (my sun sign) tough love during this writing. I invite you to take a leaf out of Leo’s book sometimes and know that you are allowed to have a healthy ego and self-express. You are allowed to take up space and share your gifts with the world. Basically what I’m saying is that it’s okay to make healthy selfish decisions. Just practice healthy spiritual hygiene by setting boundaries - you don’t have to let everybody in your field.
EARTHING. So! Let’s balance. It’s always important to look to the polarity point in the birth chart. In this case, we look at Virgo to give Pisces a helping hand. Virgo helps Pisces to understand how to come back into the body and develop a healthy relationship to time. How to function back in this earth realm.
Virgo truly helps with understanding the practicality of life. To value and care for oneself rather than spending all your energy on others. As well as learning discernment - what is up from down, yes from no, right from wrong. Only with these roots can you flourish into your greatest potential. At the end of the day, we are manifesting this reality from our inner relationship to self. Try not to feel so guilty asserting your power or needs. Nobody else is going to do it for you! But when you do set your boundaries - the universe is going to reward you!
Being the final sign in the zodiac you have the ability to take all the gifts from the archetypes and be in great spiritual service beyond the ego OR take all of the shadows and crumble. The power is completely in your hands! You are empowered with choice and action, AND you are a bloody angel! Get real with you, get real with life and show us the path to the heavens just by BEING.
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