This month on The Journal, we have the divine pleasure of aligning with Jessi Simpson, a multi-disciplinary creative, Evolutionary Astrologer and talented photographer whose work is directed toward creating experiences of authentic soul evolution.

This month the Sun has shone bright in our sky in Taurus and Jessi reveals the gifts & shadow aspects of this earthly sign, offers cosmic insight for the remaining weeks of May and also touches on some rituals to call out the sensual Taurus within you.

Not a Taurean Goddess? Not to worry, there are so many valuable learnings and insights we can all take away from this reading.

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May Energetics with Jessi Simpson
Hello my earthly, sensual & grounded Taurean goddesses. You are home in your body & senses like no other this month. Your feet—so firmly planted that anyone lucky enough to be loved by you feels themselves transformed by your solid, steady heart. & what a powerful month it has been for you so far. I am speaking to the Taurus, wherever she may be, in all of us.
Whether Taurus is within your planetary placements or she just influences an energetic terrain within your life (house cusp) - we can all identify her lessons & teachings in one way or another. If you are not heavily placed with this potent, sensual & deeply earthy, stable energy, then you may attract it into your life in different forms. What we personally lack energetically, is often what comes into our lives to teach us, surprise us & show us new ways of being. & what a wild, beautiful dance it is with you, Taurus.

Energetically we have all been stretched, tested & initiated into new ways of being like nobody’s business within the last few months! Collectively we are all feeling a deep shift inward toward all the misplaced, dysfunctional & shadow parts of ourselves & our culture. As Evolutionary Astrologers, we look toward the cosmos to receive guidance & intuitive insights on how we can all integrate the information in with more awareness, ease & liberation.


If there’s a person that is going to make you feel held, supported & seen completely as you are, it’s you, Taurus. As you function so deeply in reverence with the present moment, feet so firmly planted on the earth beneath, others feel this too as an openness to who they are. Ruled by Venus, the loving planet of values & harmony, you radiate deep, calming stability that makes those around you feel deeply appreciated, valued & worthy through just being present.

Taurus, you are an Earth goddess, experiencing life through the expansion of the senses. You deeply know of the secret to a deeply fulfilling life, enjoyment! So many deeply struggle to let go & enjoy what is unfolding or, better yet, to seek it out for themselves.

When you are thriving, you know your worth so deeply no one or nothing can shake it. You deeply love to experience life with pleasure & harmony. Your sensuality knows no end. You are the reflector, showing us all how we unnecessarily withhold enjoyment from ourselves.


Taurus, you can deeply struggle with inertia, as there is a tendency to be so completely exhilaratingly happy within this very moment, that there is no real push to strive for the next. Beautiful but also can stop the natural flow of life in all of that stubbornly fixed energy. This can then manifest further as immovability in general. Think of a flowing river that somehow gets blocked & halts at a standstill. The water can’t help but go from being completely pure to unswimmable & dirty from the stagnation.
It can be common for a Taurean to stay within a deeply dysfunctional relationship for too long, from misplacing their sense of value, worth & security for too long. Just because things function on the tangible, material level - doesn’t always mean they function energetically, or spiritually for you at the highest level. Both parts are just as important as each other.
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May 7 - The Scorpio Flower Moon

The remnants of what was the Scorpio Flower (full) Moon last week is still circulating, as whatever shuffled up from the shadow parts of ourselves will no doubt still be integrating & marinating collectively. Scorpio is Taurus’s opposite sign. Together they represent the axis of security & resources. Scorpio comes in to teach Taurus to dig a little deeper into the transformation of self, to give us all that kick up the butt we need when we are getting a feeling a little heavy & weighed down by the physical stuff of life. Your sweet, stable energy offered us all a place to land & ground while we navigated our own shadows & discomfort.

May Planetary Retrogrades:

May is a full month energetically with planetary retrogrades. A retrograde occurs when a planet slows & from our perspective, appears to be going backwards. Energetically during retrogrades, tests seem to surface left, right & centre around the lessons of the particular planets retrograding. I like to think of retrogrades in 3 layers. Just before a retrograde there’s an initiation to do with the planet’s lessons, & as the planet slows down a ‘portal’ is created where we are energetically opened up to receive lessons & tests in full speed. Layer three unfolds when the planet goes ‘direct’ in motion again. This is an integration period where everything (hopefully) starts to make sense. Below is a brief rundown of the planetary lessons & energetics to tune into & be aware of in May & beyond.

Side note goddesses: retrogrades can get a really bad rap! But I like to look at them as gifts that bear many beautiful growth points. The authentic seeds we plant here amongst the change & upheaval are always ones that we seem to remember & come back to.

May 11 - Saturn Retrograde Began (once per year)

Saturn keywords: meaningful work, responsibility, career motivation. Where can you slow down in the way of your work life & relationships, enough to create the sustainable shifts needed to move forward. This is a time to reflect upon where you are giving out all your “cares.” How many “cares” are actually wasting your precious time & energy? How can you pull the responsibility back in a sustainable way?

May 14 - Venus Retrograde Began (once every two years)

Venus Keywords: Self-worth, resources, love, harmony. There is a lot being activated in this six week period. With less emphasis on outward matters, the journey deeper within continues. We are being called deeply into the Taurean realm of reflecting on our value systems & creating a whole new basis for self validation. Energetically remember & communicate your worth, there will be many opportunities to do this as old patterns pop up through the gaps! & if you are not deeply connected to your deep worthiness, perhaps it’s time to write a new story. You are worth every kiss, thought & word. What work needs to be done within in order to genuinely believe & feel this down to your bones?

May 15 - Jupiter Retrograde Began (once per year)

Jupiter key words: time to lean into optimism, truth, growth & adventure. How are you shying away from doing the work to reach your highest potential? How can you resource yourself & build the stable foundations to leap from?
Show up for yourself in all of your colours. How do you avoid parts of yourself? Unapologetically take the time to feel into the essence of who you are beyond what you do. Plant your feet on mumma earth again & again & again. Re-plant the superficial ways that you place value upon yourself. Have as many technology detoxes as you need, for earthy archetypes, it’s important to go at your very own beautiful pace. That is enough. Taurus teaches us that just because the world is speeding up & revolutionising, it doesn’t mean we have to! With the retrogrades at play, we are all going to be met with experiences that ask for us to re-define ourselves again & again.
Taurus in her highest evolution is here to teach boundaries, deep radical self-enjoyment, authentic self-worth & support. How can you best set the boundaries for yourself in order to create the structures & foundations needed so that moving forward you may spiritually & creatively? Taurus above all else asks for us to drop into this very moment, despite it all. How could galaxies open up simply from breathing a little deeper & replacing fast with a touch of slow? 
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