Isabel Lucas - the new Glow collections biggest fan.

The beautiful Australian film actress and environmentalist Isabel Lucas famous in Australia as Tasha Andrews on the TV series “Home And Away” and internationally known for her award-winning performance in sci-fi film “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, is a big fan of the new Glow collection for it’s “beautiful shades to bronze, blush and glow, while being kind to Mother Earth”.

Talking about fans, here at Eye of Horus Cosmetics we absolutely adore Isabel for her natural beauty and passion for the environment and sustainability. We feel she truly embodies the Goddess within in which we speak about throughout our brand, meaning she is a perfect alignment for Eye of Horus Cosmetics.
Not long ago Isabel decided to leave her Hollywood days behind and move back home to Australia, settling in our hometown of Byron Bay, to be closer to her family and work on other projects close to her heart. While still working as a passionate actress here in Australia, she has really developed her powerful voice to become an environmental warrior by creating awareness on climate change, plastic consumption animal rights and sustainable living.
"I love the quote ‘be the change you want to see’ – you can apply it to relationships, friendships or the environment. Stepping up to yourself gives others permission to be a bit more honest and vulnerable and we can all empower one another that way.”
- Isabel Lucas
When it comes to the new Eye of Horus Cosmetics Glow collection, it’s no surprise that Isabel has fallen in love with both palettes it features - the Sacred Earth Palette and the Love and Light Palette, for their high ethical and sustainable rating.In regards to this new Glow collection she says “Adoring the Eye of Horus Cosmetics Sacred Earth and Love and Light highlighting and contouring palettes that have 100% naturally derived ingredients, organic, vegan, mineral pigments” and goes on to list the featured ingredients she loves in them:

Moringa oil: high in antioxidants with essential moisturising and healing benefits.

Golden seal: protects the eyes and skin and acts as an antibacterial.

Olive leaf extract: an anti-ager and anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Desert clay: replaces talc and keeps colour locked in for longer.

Natural botanical preservative.

After delving into the palettes ingredients, enviro-goddess Isabel next turns to the sustainability of their production - “Made in beautiful eco recyclable packaging & certified cruelty free. Made locally in Byron Bay Australia, supporting the local economy and minimizing shipping & transportation emissions. Shine on Eye of Horus Cosmetics.”

It has always been a dream of ours to be able to produce our products in our hometown of Byron Bay, Australia. Doing this means a much lower carbon footprint for the production of the products, and like Isabel says it supports our local economy. It also means we can meet and communicate more often to brainstorm and collaborate for the best result possible.

Early 2018 we were blessed to meet and begin work with a great local Byron Bay manufacture for our Solstice shadow palettes and new Glow collection palettes. We are 100% satisfied with the colours, quality and pay-off of these new palettes and are so excited to be launching them out into the world.

We would like to make note that the new Glow collection palettes contain mica for their natural shine and glow. The mica is a natural flake, which then gets coated and heated. We use mica coated in iron oxides/titanium. But sometimes some mica is coated in dyes or lakes, or even carmine (hot pink). So we do not use those.

For mica to be cosmetic grade it needs to be purified hence we say it is “naturally derived” as no dyes or lakes are used. Another common issue with the ingredient mica is that it is known to be often sourced from child labour. Our suppliers have confirmed they do not use child labour in any of their operations.