Holistic Health with Iselin

We are all familiar with the term ‘balance’ when it comes to health. We got together with holistic health advocate, raw foodie, and yogi, Iselin, to gain insight into her approach to a healthy balanced lifestyle and nourishment of the mind, body, and soul.Enlighten us with a bit about yourself and your journey up until now?

Hello, my name is Iselin. I like putting flowers in my food, reading books (often the same ones over and over) and expressing myself in as many ways as I possibly can.
Dancing. Writing. Cooking. Creating. Pouring out my Soul into creative expressions.
I’m passionate about yogic philosophy and ancient practices, and at the moment I teach yoga for a living. My yogic practice and teachings are focused on softer forms of yoga and yoga with a more feminine approach than what is more commonly taught in the west today.
At the moment I’m back in my home country Norway. Staying at a little island called Tromøya outside of Arendal on the south coast of these lands.
Besides teaching yoga I also run raw food classes and workshops, write my website ‘Shakti Tales’ and up until a few months ago I spent much of my time developing recipes and writing my new book that has just been released.
I feel most at peace when I’m spending my days in deep communication with nature. When I eat foods that are close to the earth. When I have time to sit in silence. To meditate, pray and really listen.

2. How did your love for nourishing foods come about? And particularly raw foods?

As I have written in the introduction of my new book, food and cooking is for me about so much more than simply the physical aspect we often associate it with. Food is nourishment, and cooking is love. Through preparing food for ourselves and others, we express love.
I believe in allowing freedom, creativity and awareness into the kitchen. To cook and eat mindfully.
When it comes to raw food in particular, creating raw meals and desserts is a completely different way of cooking than what most people are used to. Personally, it brought me onto a very fun and expansive journey where I discovered a new, beautiful relationship with food.
Most of all it is about honoring our Mama Earth, the food we eat and our own bodies.

3. What does cooking with intention and love mean to you?

I think of food as more than energy in the form of calories and numbers. It is a source of life energy, often known as ‘prana’ in yogic and Ayurvedic traditions, or as ‘chi’ in Chinese medicine. If we are what we eat, then it makes sense that we want to be eating foods that are high in life force energy - these are ingredients that are still close to the earth and that has been prepared lovingly and with awareness.
When we cook with intention and bring gratitude for the foods we eat, the food carries a completely different energy and vibration. I want to take a stand for real, homemade food and taking the time to sit down with our meals and give thanks to Mama Earth for what she provides.
4. In your view, how does consistently eating nourishing foods impact the mind, body, and soul?

(Excerpt from my book ‘A Book of Nourishment’): Through studying yoga and various forms of nutrition and healing modalities, I’ve come to understand food and nourishment in different ways, and I believe food truly is something that nourishes us on several levels. We eat for fuel, for energy, mental clarity and for our bodies ability to work and be healthy. We eat for pleasure and for social reasons. As we begin to understand food as nourishment on different levels; spiritual and emotional as much as physical, we may also learn to eat in ways that support our minds and our bodies through different phases, seasons and cycles of our lives.
It is an intelligent way of eating and one that resonates with every cell in my body and with my entire being.

5. You recently launched your book 'A Book of Nourishment', please enlighten us on what this is all about and where people can get their hands on it.

My book was created from a place of inspiration and creativity, and deep love for raw food preparation and plant-based food. I hope it will show people how easy this way of making delicious cakes and treats can be - desserts that are also really good for you.
It contains more than 30 delicious recipes, ranging from raw cakes, coconut ice creams, homemade chocolate, bliss balls and more. There is also a little chapter on fermentation, guiding you through the process of making your own kombucha and sauerkraut.

You can order my book through my website:
https://shaktitales.com/a-book-of-nourishment (and yes, it ships worldwide!)

6. What's the most popular recipe from your new book?

My recipe for ‘Salted Caramel Cake with Vanilla and Coconut’ is a crowd-pleaser and a personal favourite.

Iselin, thank you so much for your magical self and work, total health inspiration, and time today. We know our goddess community will love your wholesome information and recipes.

You can read more from Iselin on her blog here.