The New Year has begun and it's the perfect time to set your goals whether big or small. You may have plans to start your year off healthy by eating well and exercising.. but have you considered doing a clean out of your makeup bag? Read below to get some tips on healthy beauty & self care for the New Year.

Product Swap No.1 - Mascara

Mascara is one of those products that you definitely want to be swapping over to something more natural. Out of all cosmetics, the standard mascara has a very high content of toxic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, petroleum and dioxane. Be sure to get a new mascara tube every 3-4 months since any longer will allow the perfect breeding space for nasty bacteria. 

Our new Bio Lash Lift Mascara was designed for sensitive eyes and to nourish lashes with its natural ingredients including Laminaria for lash growth. The Bio Mascara's ingredients are 98% natural origin and 100% vegan. 

Product Swap No.2 - Lipsticks

Lipsticks are another cosmetic product which are known to have very toxic ingredients in them including heavy metals such as lead. Considering we wear it on our lips, it has the highest probability of being directly ingested throughout the day.. so it is crucial to swap to natural lippies.

At Eye Of Horus Cosmetics it is our passion to create high quality cosmetics which are top performers with safe ingredients. We are currently working on our natural Goddess Bio Lipstick Range to be released mid 2017. Think soft, natural, nourishing & long lasting... so watch this space!

Product Swap No.3 - Deodorant

Have you ever thought what is actually in deodorant that magically blocks sweat from occurring? Aluminium compounds are responsible for inhibiting the body's natural detoxifying process of sweating and this is a serious issue because this toxic ingredient gets directly absorbed into the body and most definitely can contribute to breast cancer, liver toxicity and Alzheimer’s disease.

We recommend to swap to a natural deo such as a tea tree or coconut based one. The key is to use antibacterial ingredients since these will fight off any unpleasant smells from the sweat. 

Photo by Lisa Wood Beauty Blog.