Aquarius Season - Daisy Clementine

Aquarian Goddesses!

We’re bringing something extra special to you this month for our Aquarius Season feature. We’ve teamed up with astrologer Daisy Clementine from Flower For Dais to bring you her expertise and help align you with your authentic nature and souls purpose.

Not an Aquarian? That’s okay - Daisy will explain how Aquarius energy is within us all!

Daisy is a certified practicing astrologer, she completed her studies in Sydney 2016 where she then went on to deepen her astrological and psychological knowledge with multiple courses and time spent with astrological legends. Her love of the stars and beyond began as a small child in which she was fascinated by all things metaphysical. Fast forward to today where she now travels the world holding holistic astrology workshops. How cool!
Hello my Aquarian loves! Firstly, I’d like to take a moment to just thank you for being so epic and AWESOME. I want to recognise you for the unique flavour you bring to this world. You keep us on our toes with the unexpected ways you shock us, this world might be somewhat boring without your spark.
Now, I’d like for you to keep in mind that we ALL have Aquarian energy within us. Every one of us is made up of all the elements, archetypes and planets. Some just have more dominant energy than others. So although we are celebrating Aquarius this month - we are truly celebrating every one of YOU.Aquarius is that part of you that is always going to be different from the norm of society. No matter what society is doing - Aquarius will rebel. It is predisposed to functioning outside the box. That is why you will do any Aquarian such dismay if you try to put a label on them. Aquarius is an air sign - if you think of the element of air, it is something that can be felt but not grasped or held onto. Just as soon as you think you’ve got them - BAM - expect the unexpected. Aquarian energy is here to keep us on our toes. 
I believe that Aquarian energy is truly not of this world - it is tapped into extra terrestrial intelligence and is channeling wisdom from the future. If you try to put something that is foreign into the present, it’s likely that some people will have an issue with accepting it (those that are comfortable with the familiar). However, it is the Aquarius blessing to help by shocking people awake. The best thing Aquarians can do for themselves is to fully accept and own that they will never fit in. And that is their greatest gift. The more they open themselves to their weird & quirky nature - the more they will be able to receive revolutionary insights and radical ideas (their gift to humanity).
In their highest manifestation, the water bearer, is here to be nourishing the sustainable future of humanity. If you are an Aquarius your soul has signed up to live a life that is much greater than your subjective self - you are here to be thinking and living for the collective humanity. That is not to say that you should neglect your own earthly needs.
This brings us to the shadow of Aquarius - forgetting that you too my love are human (or at least part human). And you must treat yourself the same way all other humans need to be treated - with love and care. Aquarius can go so far into believing that no one will ever understand them, that they become the rebel without a cause - giving up on trying to be loved and accepted by the people around them. Becoming a recluse and going into full black-sheep mode. Recognise when you are leaving your body as a response to trauma.
In terms of self care, I would love for you to focus on practices that bring you back into the body. I highly recommend finding an awesome body-worker that can support you in moving any blocked or stagnant energy left in the body. I know you don’t like being tied down to one routine or thing but consider buying a house plant, something that requires your earthly devotion, to remind you of the fragility of life.
My best triple Aquarian friend said it so beautifully to me - “I stopped trying to fit in and started trying to be the best human I could be”. Our external reality is a manifestation of our inner reality. Dear Aquarian, rather than beating yourself up for not fitting the external mould, just celebrate beautiful YOU. Come from within, with good intentions and a pure heart. Be the best that you can be - for YOU. But remember to live with a healthy balance between the higher mind and the subjective heart. You too are allowed to feel, you are allowed to love.

It can be hard seeing people so cosy with one another - I understand. But you have the gift of being friends and family with people from all different walks of life. And if you get completely honest with yourself - you don’t like to be tied down in one space for too long. Make the empowered decision of knowing that your own company is awesome! You actually love being with YOU.

So what are some action steps you can take today that allow you to start living a life for yourself rather than others? Your authentic code & natural energy flow is to disrupt that which is familiar. This is your soul's mission. If it wasn’t for Aquarian energy - we wouldn’t have passed on womens or gay rights. Let’s shake this place up! Let’s shock them awake…towards the path of evolution.

And to enhance the flow of your inspirational mind Eye of Horus Cosmetics has featured the award-winning Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil especially for the Aquarian flow. An extension of your desire to reach beyond the sky and be your own version of ‘human’.
The Teal Pencil embodies the cosmic and alternative traits of the Aquarian Goddess in its sky blue tone and star-like flecks of shimmer. Daisy adorns herself in the Teal Malachite Pencil paired with the Enchantress Buff Velvet Lipstick, Arabian Sands Artistry Lip Liner and Babylon Brown Goddess Mascara.
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Aquarian goddesses we’d love to hear from you! Email in or send us a DM and tell us your favourite Eye of Horus products to wear and why.