Hello Goddesses,
We’re bringing something extra special to you this month for our April Horoscope feature. We’ve partnered with astrologer Brooke Macqueen to bring you her expertise and intuition for each star sign in April, helping you all to align during this unique and uncertain time.
Influenced by the hidden words of the stars and the tides of the moon, the words I write are the words I wish I had as a child, a teenager, in my 20s and as a first time Mother. I want to give insights and wisdom to help navigate the mundane, the magical and everything in between.
My interpretations intend to draw upon the emotions and the psychology behind astrology and through my art, I can share this philosophy. My style of writing is poetic. I adore romantic notions and beautiful words. All I'm really doing is adding lyrics to the music and the music being the planetary alignments and Lunar cycles. 
I write intuitively, sparking the reader to have an honest conversation with themselves. Tied together by the cosmic skies to make them feel less alone. I want to shed light into the parts that no one sees… like any good song does.
April begs for autonomy.

Pause in the quietude. Grieve in all stages.

Take what you have learnt in the silence to re-establish poise during the unfathomable. This is a time for a great remembering of beauty.

The wounds that are surfacing come in many forms, all urging you to heal. To forge a new identity during a collective state of fear and overwhelm. Embrace a new normal. Ebb into a change of perspective. ⠀
The planetary alignments are profound. All asking you to ride the waves of chaos. Flourish here. Innovate new ways to connect with loved ones. Let them in, don’t shut them out.
You were born to swim not to drown. Change the story. ⠀

Is this not what the fire of Aries represents? ⠀
Nurture your soul, she is aching. Like a pang to the chest what was certain is now uncertain. Settle. Wounds are rising to the surface. Some are new and some you thought you had laid to bed. Now shake off the dust and heal. Reconnect in new ways with loved ones; this demands innovation. The essential pathway to feeling more in control is to help others, even when you don’t know how to help yourself.

Navigate your resistance in the face of change. Please fumble if you may, you are human. Beautifully human. Ebb into accepting the uncertain, remember roofs may change but loved ones remain. Embrace a new normal inch by inch, moment by moment. Remain grateful for all that is. Life thrives here. Flourish now with familiar faces and get lost in familiar places.

You are the thread that keeps us woven in the fabric of the social network. Your natural adaptability keeps the world dancing united when externally we are separated. The world needs what you exude- a willingness to surrender to change. Remember your imagination has no limits. Keep us informed, keep us together and keep us connected.

I know how much you care. Can you care from a distance? Nourish the people. Nourish yourself. Send care packages of love and nostalgic memories of home. Innovate ways to support others, you must believe you are not broken. Keep going. The whole world needs nurturing now. Make space, start small, start immediate and bloom.

How much are you still laughing? Do you know how magnificent you are; draped in robes of silk and linen, invisible or not. Dancing and crying. Crying and dancing. You are making brave choices, now readjust your crown. Is it still coloured in hopes and dreams? Tell those stories. Don’t make yourself feel small. Find that silver lining.

Fall back down to earth and give yourself permission to break. Rest here until the clouds clear. Calm the nerves then put them aside. Take pen to paper and immerse your being into brainstorming a rock-solid plan of heart and hope. Simplify. Take only what is necessary and fuse together a new way to do all that you do. The rest of us need to know where to go from here.

Take rest. And when you wake, recolour your world with a new lens. Finding beauty in a sandstorm of the unknown requires inner peace. If you aren’t there yet, rest a little more. You aren’t alone, we are in this together. Turn towards the ones that feed your being. Cry, laugh, dance and bloom. Control is elusive and time is still churning. Revel in nothingness because girl, you make the mundane beautiful.

Bound by your instincts on an evolutionary level, you hold a certain calm in the chaos. An inner knowing that you will cope from the inside out. Like a message from the stars themselves. Your strength and endurance transcend even the direst of situations. Listen to the song in the breeze, you know there is a lesson in this madness. The answers will flow upon surrender and not control.

Freedom slowly slipping away resembles a tightening of the chest. Don’t forget to breathe. Say goodnight to your fears as your loved ones depend on your ears to listen to their heartaches. And your voice to speak to the truth. Eternal optimism seems a hard burden to bear during this time, but it is in your bones. Refuse the surrender of hope. A new adventure awaits. C’est la vie, dear Sagittarius.

Lay rest to all that you have labelled as failures. Listen. Listen intently during this collective pause. Re-balance your momentum with humility, compassion and grace. Move forward with the intent to do what you can with what you have. Be radical in what you can give within your sphere of influence. Everyone else, as they always do, are looking to you.

You are a hurricane of truth forging the new beyond a linear approach. New ideas, demanding a new order and a new way of living. Your contributions are needed in the eye of the storm. Speak now and speak loudly girl. The world is waiting; we want to get lost in your genius.

Remove the noise. Rest your soul through the chaos. Roll call the emotions that can enter. Tend to your garden and find the medicine that allows peace. Sit in ground-state as your mental health depends on it. Likewise, we are depending on the magic you can create. And we will look back on this time as the creative renaissance.
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