Lucy Ewing Q&A

Do you have a morning ritual?
How we start our morning sets the tone for the entire day, meaning you have the power to supercharge your daily experience with good emotions and intentions to enjoy your day and make progress on your goals and dreams.
We got together with local Byron creative Lucy Ewing (@_lucyinthesky) and she gave us insight into what a morning in the life of Lucy looks like.

Lucy, 28 and born in Greece, has grown up in Australia since she was five and says “my sun is in Aries, my moon is in Gemini and I have a Taurus rising”.

She works full time as the brand experience and events manager at Spell & the Gypsy Collective which she says “is a dream job - I literally get paid to organise parties (pinch me) and we also travel lots too which is so fun”.

She loves to celebrate life and create magical gatherings and events not only for work, but for her friends too. Festivals are her playground, she says “there is nothing I love more than to DANCE”.

She recently created Moonshake Dance with two of her best friends, “a place where women can come together, shake it out and dance”, and her dream is to organise retreats one day, and to take Moonshake around the world.

Read on for insight into Lucy’s morning rituals - maybe you’ll be inspired to try some!

Talk us through your morning ritual?

Oooh I love this question because this year I had the intention of creating a morning ritual, and you asking me this has made me realise I am so happy with where it’s at!

I recently started the Ayurvedic practice of tongue scraping every morning - it’s crazy how many toxins can build up in our mouth overnight so this is such a good way to get them out of your body rather than absorbing them back in. After tongue scraping I brush my teeth and drink a big glass of water.

Then I jump back into bed for 20 minutes of meditation (I practice Vedic meditation - absolutely life changing! Can’t recommend it enough). At the end of my meditation I spend a minute or so thinking about a few things I’m grateful for.

Then it’s time to get my body moving so I head to HUSTL (the Byron mecca for fitness haha!) for a circuit or pilates class, or I do a lighthouse walk. I like mixing it up because I love listening to podcasts and walking is the only time I really get to do this.

After working out I shower and have breakfast at work before starting my workday (and I’m usually bouncing off the walls with endorphins by this time!).

 Which products make their way into your morning beauty ritual?

First things first - I take care of my gut health so my skin can glow. My go to probiotic is by Imbibe Living.

Then I use a light moisturiser before applying makeup. I have such dry skin and the MV Organic Skincare rose soothing moisturiser is the absolute best hydrating moisturiser I’ve found for my skin.

I like for my makeup to look pretty natural so I keep it simple with a BB cream with SPF and some light bronzer. Then I pencil in my brows with the Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect Dynasty and frame my eyes with the Goddess Mascara (hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used). I finish off with some lipgloss and sometimes a spritz of Gypsy Water by Byredo and I’m out the door!

What’s your favourite thing about mornings?

All the possibilities of the day ahead!

What is something you would like to start including into your morning ritual?

Getting in the ocean! I would love to go for a swim after working out… or even better, fit in a surf.

What does awakening the goddess within mean for you?

Being empowered, finding and celebrating your individuality and unique gifts. Embracing the sacred feminine and intimately knowing and loving every part of yourself. My favourite way to awaken this is through dance <3