How to Subtly Contour and Sculpt

Contouring is a makeup technique created to add depth, while sculpting the face, using beauty products that add shadow and light.

To begin adding dimension to your face, you’ll need your go-to products for skin preparation. That is a foundation; either a cream or powder contour shade, darker than your skin tone; a concealer, lighter than your skin tone, and to complete the look, a cream or powder highlighter.

If you’re new to contouring, we suggest practising with powders, choosing from our Customisable Complexion Refills, which can be easier to learn with. However, a cream contour product, such as the Triple C Concealers in the deeper shades, can give the skin a more natural, fresher look.

Here, we share insights from professional Makeup Artist, Ashlea Penfold, on naturally contouring and sculpting your complexion.

Step one.

Apply the Skin Tint Serum Foundation, in your ideal shade, using the Vegan Buffing Brush to add a natural coverage while evening out the skin tone.

Not sure what shade to choose? Complete the Shade Finder Quiz to meet your perfect match.

Step two.

To begin contouring, Ashlea recommends applying a powder contour shade, or the Triple C Concealer, in a darker shade, along the centre-bottom of the cheekbone, in line with the top of the ear, and another line from the corner of the eye to the temple. Then, apply two small lines along the hairline, above the centre-brow, as well as along the nose.

This technique will add definition to your cheekbones, while giving the impression of a slimmer nose, and more sculpted face. This process can also be altered depending on your face shape, in order to add dimension to the desired parts of your face. Blend out evenly with the Vegan Contour Brush or a sponge to create a skin-like finish.

Step three.

Ashlea recommends applying a concealer shade, slightly lighter than your skin tone, in a C shape to the inner corners of the eyes and lightly under. You can also highlight the top of your cheekbones, middle of your forehead, nose, chin and cupid's bow.

Step four.

Using a warm bronze shade, such as the ‘Sahara Bronzer’ from the Universal Complexion Compact, Ashlea suggests brushing it across the face where the sun would naturally hit, such as the cheeks, nose and hair, for a warm glow. This will also set any cream products used to contour.

Step five.

Using a highlighter powder or liquid, such as the Luminous Highlighter, add your ideal shade to the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones for a luminous, natural looking glow.

Step six.

Apply bestselling #EOHBeauty, such as the Goddess Mascara, Dual Brow Perfect and Bio Lip Elixir to complete the look.

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