Five Steps to Self Care

Self care is an important ritual, to be mindfully incorporated into everyday life, in order to maintain balanced mental, emotional and physical health. Whether it be as simple as taking five minutes to breathe and meditate or implementing a relaxing skincare routine, here is our guide to reducing stress and soothing your mind, body and spirit.

Step One: Cleansing

A cleansing ritual at the end of the day is the optimal way to maintain skin health by removing excess build up, dirt and makeup. It presents an opportunity to start fresh for the evening and wash away any stress from the day. Using the Organic Bamboo Cleansing Kit, slowly massage your face with warm water to gently exfoliate and increase circulation to reveal a fresh, bright complexion.

Step Two: Face Mask

For a complete, enlightened nightly beauty ritual, warm a few drops of the Seven Seed Sacred Oil between your fingers and apply it as an overnight face mask. The nutrient-rich elixir will work to nurture, plump and restore your skin back to health. Its infusion of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants will deeply nourish and moisturise, supporting cell regeneration to result in a glowing and renewed complexion.


Step Three: Gua Sha Massage

The White Jade Crystal Gua Sha pairs perfectly with the Seven Seed Sacred Oil to enhance absorption and improve results. Gently massage your face and neck in an upward and outward sweeping motion starting from the neck area, moving along to your chin, cheeks and around the eye area. For optimal results, perform this sacred ritual for 3 to 5 minutes daily.

The White Jade Crystal Gua Sha is designed to improve circulation, relieve tension and encourage lymphatic drainage to help brighten, lift and sculpt the face. Ideal for all skin types, the Gua Sha has a long history of use in beauty treatments and is believed to possess many healing, restorative and anti-ageing benefits. 

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Step Four: Scalp Massage

Renowned for its therapeutic effects, a scalp massage also provides incredible benefits for your nervous system, resulting in a relaxed and elevated mood. In slow, circular motions, begin by massaging your fingers through your hair to boost circulation and stimulate hair growth. 

This indulgent experience helps to relieve tension and supports scalp health and renewal. Finish by running a few drops of the Seven Seed Sacred Oil through the ends of your hair to act as a hydrating tonic.

Step Five: Meditation

A daily meditation ritual encourages calmness, stillness and clarity. Widely considered as a mindful complementary medicine, it has been proven to reduce stress and has been practiced for thousands of years.

Awaken your senses with the signature scent of the Seven Seed Sacred Oil, filled with Frankincense, Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose and Patchouli, or indulge in your favoured incense.
For a heightened sensory experience, follow the link below to listen to our specially curated collection of soothing sounds, that aim to enhance a meditative state.
Whilst meditating, focus on your breath and body, while reducing distracting thoughts that may be causing you stress.

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