This month, we’re moving into the new moon in Leo (19th August, AEST) and helping us navigate our way through is Jules Ferrari, the psychological and evolutionary astrologer behind @golden__nature.
Not a Leo? We can each use this time to observe where we utilise the attributes of Leo within our lives and where we may still be hiding from being seen under the solar spotlight as our most true and authentic selves.
We each have our own natal chart, a map of the solar system based on the time and space location we arrived within. If you have not accessed this before, you can do so by inputting your birth date, time and location into and pulling up your chart. This map of the stars can be interpreted as a map of your personality, your wants and needs and the directions you are geared towards in this lifetime. It is your own cosmic fingerprint.
We all inhabit the twelve archetypal energies (signs of the Zodiac) within our chart. A beautiful and easy way to start to orientate yourself with your natal chart and the sky now is to observe and map the themes that come up for you throughout the year as the Sun moves into each sign and house of your natal chart, effectively spotlighting this particular part of your life and psyche.
The solar energy is now shining bright in its natural terrain, Leo. The archetypal journey of Leo is around our process of individuation. A term coined by the psychoanalyst and depth psychologist, Carl Jung (he also coined the terms archetype and synchronicity among many others), the process of individuating is when an individual makes their personal and collective unconscious, conscious.
That is to say, this energy has a lot to do with its opposite sign, Aquarius, the collective and group identity aspect of our charts. At some point, the individual, in full knowledge of what the collective may think (the first collectives being our family and social groups) must step away from the group mind and express who they are, their own flavour. It is a period of getting in touch with who you are, separate to the group. This is an energy that desires to express itself from the standpoint of its own unique personality and to do so, it requires the Leo talismans of confidence, courage and internal validation.
People often assume that Leo’s are born with these qualities, really though, this is their archetypal journey - to step more and more into the authenticity of who they are and to develop the courage and confidence to express that person. An example, Leo is in my tenth house. I am an astrologer. When I studied and fell in love with this art, I knew I had to do this as my work (tenth house). However, I had to face a lot of my own hang-ups and fears about what people may think about me coming out as an astrologer. My journey was around being seen in my work for who I am, stepping away from really caring about how that may be perceived. In truth, I didn’t receive any flack, it was mostly my own projections and self-judgement.
The lower octave of Leo energy is the need for external validation, self-censoring and falsity of self. Needing the limelight to feel whole is a very different energetic to shining from within.
Jules Ferrari - Evolutionary Astrologer
Where does Leo fall in your chart? Where are you being called this month to step more into your own voice, to express who you are, your point of view, to be seen? Where, if anywhere, do you self-censor?
Thank you for joining us, we hope you can take a moment to pause and reflect on what you’ve read today. We would love to learn of any insights you gained from this reading, send us a DM or email.
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