Mothers Day with Jesse Golden

We believe in celebrating women and mothers, today and always. In honour of this special day, we had the great pleasure of interviewing Jesse Golden -- devoted Mother, successful businesswoman, author and model to talk all things motherhood. 

Jesse opens up about how life has changed since Kaleo, precious wisdom passed down to her from previous generations as well as the powerful lessons and learnings she has discovered since embarking on the journey of motherhood.

What has Kaleo taught you about motherhood?

Kaleo has been one of my greatest teachers. More than anything, he and being his mother taught me self-love. As a single mother most of his childhood, I realized that if I didn’t too learn to take care of myself and love myself then I wouldn’t have anything to give him and I was all he had. You can’t give to others, what you don’t first give for yourself. 

Has becoming a mum changed your perspective on life and family? 

Absolutely! I always say, I came into my own when I became a mother. And it has been an opportunity to heal years of ancestral family trauma. 

The most rewarding experience as a mother?

Any and every moment that I see Kaleo happy with his big, beautiful smile. It’s said the greatest testament to being a good parent is the moment you realize your child turned out better than you. Kaleo is so wise, so kind and makes me so proud. 

What is one of the most precious gifts you have received as a Mum? 

Last year, my husband, Devan & Kaleo made me a video that had me in tears. It was a simple q & a where they would answer questions like, What is your favourite memory with Mom? Or What is the best advice Mom ever gave you? I will cherish this video forever. It was truly the best gift. 

Describe the perfect way to spend Mothers Day

Beach day with all my boys, dogs included, and some yummy food of course. 

What guidance and lessons has your mum taught you that you have/will pass onto your children? 

Letting children be. If they are fine, don’t fuss and let them be them and figure some things out on their own so that they can be independent. She also told me the best advice when I was a new mom. She said, “all you need is a boob and a purse to throw a diaper in.” She was referring to all the tricks and gadgets new moms think they need to have these days. 

One piece of advice for any mothers-to-be:

 You were born to do this. It is called motherly instinct for a reason. Trust that you will be guided, don’t worry, and enjoy every sweet moment because it does go by fast.