Mothers Day with Holly Schleich

We believe in celebrating women and mothers, today and always. In honour of this special day, we interviewed three inspirational mums within our community, including one of our very own - Eye of Horus Founder and devoted mother or two, Holly Schleich. 

Holly opens up about how life has changed since embarking on the journey of motherhood as well as precious wisdom passed down from her own Mother and invaluable guidance for mums-to-be. We also learn what Holly’s beauty routine looks like as a mother of two and business woman.

What have Banksy and Lenni taught you about motherhood?

They’ve taught me so much about myself and what’s important in life.

They’ve taught me that there are no bounds to love, and that unconditional love is the most pure and most powerful love there is.

They have taught me that joy, happiness and pleasure comes in new forms of connection and togetherness. 

They’ve shown me there is an innate fierce motherly instinct of protection that cannot be described but experienced. 

Has becoming a mum changed your perspective on life and family?

I’ve been fortunate to have grown up in a loving family who have always supported, loved and encouraged me. This is how I strive to be as a Mother. When our boys wake the first thing they see is an excited smile and hug from both my husband and I. We both show them daily how important they are to us and as human beings. I can't say I’ve changed my perspective, only enhanced it through having these two beautiful boys. 

The most rewarding experience as a mother?

When they say, I love you Mum Mum. They hug you and you know they mean it and would be lost without you. Honestly, it melts my heart.

What is one of the most precious gifts you have received as a Mum?

Our mornings together with the 4 of us. Banksy hugging his little brother and Lenni lighting up when he sees him, they are happy just being together. This has been my greatest gift.


Describe the perfect way to spend Mothers Day

Very simply breakfast as a family with the 4 of us, followed by a walk to the lighthouse and some beach time. Spending time in nature together with all my boys is my happy place.

What guidance and lessons has your mum taught you that you will pass onto your children?

Love unconditionally. There will always be things that concern you, but put yourself in their shoes and try to think from their perspective. Give reasons rather than orders. They are intelligent enough to understand, and no matter what age and stage they are going through, they are still who they are; they just have different development and emotions they are dealing with. 

What does your beauty routine look like as a mother of two and business woman?

It’s very low maintenance, some days just jumping into the shower is a luxury, especially after a night of teething. EOH has a new facial oil launching this year (which is my holy grail) so that is applied first followed by our Triple C Concealer for the dark circles.  A brush of the Love and Light palette on the cheeks and Goddess Mascara for my lashes. If I need to brighten up I use one of the brighter shades of the Bio Lipstick, or the Bio Lip Elixir to nourish and condition my lips. 

One piece of advice for any mothers-to-be

Be present and enjoy the moment. It really does take a village so don’t be afraid to ask for help and sometimes you have to do what you need to survive. Give yourself grace and lower your expectations. Worry less about your home and what you wear. Focus on having belly laughs daily, building the bond that will get you through the hard days, connecting on a truly wonderful level with your kids, laugh at yourself and remember the joys of being a Mum.