Mothers Day with Ange Simson

We believe in celebrating women and mothers, today and always. In honour of this special day, we had the divine pleasure of interviewing Ange Simson -- Health & Happiness Coach, Writer, Speaker -- and inspiring Mother of two.

Ange opens up about her experience as a mother to two beautiful girls, the powerful learnings and wisdom passed down to her as well as the lessons she has learnt along the way. 

What have Bo and Harper taught you about motherhood?

Patience, acceptance and surrender.

Has becoming a mum changed your perspective on life and family?

Definitely, I feel like there is so much that changes when you become a mother.  I literally thought that I would be the same person, just with a small human that would come everywhere with me.  But you change.  And when you think you’ve moved past a massive shift within yourself, they change, and then you grow again. 

The most rewarding experience as a mother

The love!  The unconditional love we have for each other.  The cuddles.  The adoration.  I had never felt emotions this big.  It’s such a gift.  

What is one of the most previous gifts you have received as a Mum?

The gift of who I got to become because of my girls. They are both so different and teach me so much.  They’ve unintentionally forced me to move through my own limiting belief systems and work on my own stuff.  They gave me the person I am today and I love that.  

Describe the perfect way to spend Mothers Day

Sleeping in, all together.  Then breakfast somewhere in the sun.  Then either the beach or a park, ideally laying on bean bags watching the world pass us by.  More good food, lots of cuddles and laughs.  

What guidance and lessons has your mum taught you that you will pass onto your children?

Kindness and generosity.  My mum is the most giving person you could meet.  She gives not only physical things but so much of her time to others in need.  She’s kind to every person she encounters.  She doesn’t judge and has time for everyone.  She’s just the most special person in the world. 

How has having children changed your work life?

Before kids I worked in fashion, so massively! I never thought much about health other than, how little can I eat to be thin?  Having kids made me realise what matters and the world of holistic health was all I was interested in.  I wanted to be healthier and better for my kids so I could always be and do all I could with them.  And to give them the best start in life through not only the food they eat but also wellness in their mind and spirit.  

One piece of advice for any mothers-to-be

ASK FOR HELP.  Get your friends to make you food.  Come over and do the dishes while you nap with the baby.  Give you an hour to just go and walk solo while they look after him or her.  Don’t try to do it all on your own because an exhausted mama doesn’t have what they need to give their baby all they want to give them.