In Conversation with Caitlyn Everett

It was an absolute delight to interview our next guest, Caitlyn Everett, the author, illustrator and all-round creative dreamer behind Sunday Lane. 
Sunday Lane is a creative store and studio founded on modern-day narratives and darling poetry. Infamous for their artistic zodiac prints that have developed something akin to a cult following and inspire sweet affirmation, acting as a guide to self-discovery.
We discover how Caitlyn’s journey of personal growth lead to the wildly inspirational and universally admired brand that we know and love today, plus how she finds balance amidst the business of running a successful business.
Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a writer, designer, mother. I am passionate about creating something that is both beautifully unique and powerful, a force for change. I am still growing, learning to be kinder to myself, to trust in the timing of my life and free myself from expectation. 
Star sign
Three words to best describe yourself
A romantic, passionate, workaholic 
What does beauty mean to you? 
Feeling content in your own skin. Working for myself means I don't have the same morning routine as I did working my 9-5 job so I try to appreciate the freedom and embrace bare skin. 
Your favourite Eye of Horus product
The Goddess Mascara has been a staple for me the last few months. It has helped me feel human after some really full weeks. 
Favourite self-care ritual
Going for a walk by the ocean with my little family. 
Treasured quote or words of wisdom
This was especially hard, since words are my world and I change my mind all the time - I think for now 'I hope you fall in love with being alive.' 
Where/how your journey started: 
Sunday Lane was pure chance. It began as something I wrote to help survive under the weight of inner uncertainties and self-doubt, to find meaning amongst the shadows of who I was, and why. I was searching for words that would inspire passion and I found myself in being a powerful, romantic Sagittarius Woman. It was simply a personal project that quite naturally grew into an entire collection. 
Source of inspiration
An ever-evolving mix of artists, creatives, photography, like-minded women and an intense desire to create and surround myself with beautiful things. Right now it is Hannah Thornhill from @twothirdshoney, Vianca Soleil, Niah Mcleod and beautiful brand stories like Ziah. 
What does success mean to you
Creating, growing and sustaining a brand I am constantly in love with, to hopefully eventually allow a team of creatives to explore and build something they are proud of. To create change, or help others see something in themselves that they didn't before. 
Career highlight
Being given the opportunity to work with like-minded women and collaborate with brands I have sat back and admired personally for years. Spell, I Love Linen, Magali Pascal, An Organised Life, Kate & Kole and By Charlotte are just a few of my most memorable. 
How you juggle business and personal
Oh I don't - I try, I am constantly learning, teaching myself to switch off. The balance between mother and wife, or business owner is a hard one to manage especially in these early years. It's almost impossible to juggle and part of me doesn't want to, Sunday Lane fills me up. It allows me to be free.
The best piece of advice you could give to someone looking to start or up-level their own business
Find out what makes you, or your brand special or unique and don't get caught up in the noise of social media. Your brand voice is the most powerful tool you will have. What do you want to say? 
What are you looking forward to
Moving our family and Sunday Lane to the Sunshine Coast at the end of this year. Taking a step closer towards the brand we have been dreaming of. 
We hope you are feeling inspired to pursue your own dreams! Thank you for reading.
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