Cancer Season with Daisy Clementine

This month on the blog, we have the pleasure of hearing from renowned Evolutionary Astrologer, Daisy Clementine. We learn all about Cancerian souls  (June 21 - July 22)  plus the themes ahead for June. 
We all have Cancerian energy within in our birth chart, even if you don’t have any plants in Cancer, which means that we can each take something away from this divine teaching. 
Cancer Season with Daisy Clementine
Daisy Clementine Evolutionary Astrologer
My name is Daisy Clementine Douglas and I run ‘Flowers For Dais Astrology’. I am an evolutionary astrologer that focuses on bringing you back into alignment with your soul blueprint and empowering you to know that everything you need is already within you. As well as aligning you with the natural, cosmic rhythms and cycles of the universe. Every month, every moment as the cosmos shifts - so does the energy down here on planet earth. As above, so below. 
It is such a pleasure of mine to be writing this for all of the sweet Cancerian souls out there in the world (which is all of us!) because we all have Cancerian energy somewhere in the birth chart, even if you don’t have any planets in Cancer.
The Cancerian archetype carries the energy of the divine mother and inner child. That is why she is commonly known for being the nurturer, the nourisher of life and carries a deep connection to tribe, home, food and that which provides emotional safety & security. 
Beyond deepening our awareness of subjective emotional processes, Cancer season comes to remind us about the necessary need for incubation. Living in a world full of action-oriented goals and to-do lists, Cancer wants to remind us about all that is valuable beyond what is tangible. Finding value in that which is spiritual, emotional and mightn’t give immediate practical results. This is why she is such a divine feminine energy in this world - the gift of sitting with, honouring and validating your emotional sensitivity. 
Cancer is known for being the most emotionally sensitive & subjective archetype in the Zodiac. Heads up that strong emotional memory may be surfacing during this time, as well as the potential to become overly defensive and take things too personally. Because Cancer reflects one of the most vulnerable parts of our being - she is always wanting to self protect (hence the crab with the hard shell and the mushy inside). This can sometimes do more harm than good - being emotionally charged by projection rather than factual information in the moment.
Cancer is such a sensitive, sweet, nurturing spirit because she is ruled by the moon! Highly influenced by the lunar rhythms and cycles, being a physical embodiment and agent of those rhythms herself. In her purity (without looking at anything else in the chart/zodiac) we would not call Cancer a rational or practical archetype - she is the element of water and therefore does not hold much of an understanding of this physical realm. She functions within other realms - preferring to reside in a cosy bed or warm bath. Bodies of water are good for Cancerian energy so I encourage us all to take more baths over the next month - returning to the womb. 
Ultimately Cancer reminds us to find a home within oneself. However, one of the shadow manifestations of this archetype can be clinging onto external things that provide a perceived sense of emotional security - moving even further away from that inner centre. Sometimes the brutality and harshness of this world can be too much for Cancer which causes her to retreat into her shell - however, it is important for Cancer to know when it is time to leave her security and face her fears. Otherwise, she mightn’t ever fully reach her potential and souls calling. 
When it comes to the nurturing aspect of Cancerian energy - I invite all of us to reflect on the best ways we can bring more ‘maternal’ practices into our own life. What truly makes you feel safe and at home within yourself? Many of us need to get better at setting stronger boundaries around these practices - such as just sitting with yourself and your emotions. Your inner child craves presence. And you are the only one that can give it to her and meet her on the level she yearns to be met. 
Cancer, sometimes you look to care for others as a way to avoid your inner sensitivities. And although this life is about being the divine mother, feminine and nurturer - this work must start with yourself. The healing must start within. Recognise when you are basing too much of your emotional wellbeing on the wellbeing of others and try to bring your energy back within. At first, you might find unbearable pain - as you grieve the parts of you that have been neglected but then you will find a true sense of deep connection and returning home. This is the season of emotional initiation and connecting back to the wisdom of our ancestors - whilst recognising the ancestral patterns that need to be released.
Cancer Season with Daisy Clementine
New & Full Moon eclipse 
These two upcoming Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn will be finishing a cycle of Eclipses that began in July 2018. If that was an activated, life-shifting time for you - then you can take this as a sign of integration and this cycle coming to a close. Of course, it is important to always integrate the lessons that the universe was trying to reflect back to us - otherwise they will be served to us in an even more confronting way next time. 
The first New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 21st of June is in Cancer and will be an incredible time for us to invite new connections and emotional opportunities into our life (as long as there is space for them to come through). 
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of July in Capricorn, finishing up this Cancer-Capricorn eclipse axis will be a final opportunity of integration and healing. This axis came to teach us about the balancing of tough love and nurture, the matriarch and the patriarch, hierarchy and tribe. Therefore, during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, we may see some shifts in the government, politics, societal structures related to the unhealthy power play and hierarchical structures. Personally it will be a time for letting go of rigidity within your own life and the external social expectations you’ve been attaching yourself validity to. 
Mercury retrograde 
It’s that time of year again! Mercury Retrograde is a pretty common occurrence - happening approximately 3 times per year. The retrograde itself will begin on the 18th of June until the 13th of July. Retrogrades are a time for re-winding, reflecting, reanalysing so that we can gain a new perspective on the past to shift our relationship to the future. Retrogrades are not a time of letting the ex back in because they suddenly show up in your life. This is usually the universe presenting a test to see if you are really over it and ready to let go - you can apply this to all areas of your life during a retrograde. But yes! It is very common to get blasts from the past! 
It is also a time to return to your studies and any old projects that you were unable to finish up. This is not a time for initiating brand new ideas, projects, etc. As the retrograde period changes Mercury’s function making it less  ‘linear’. Especially with the retrograde occurring in Cancer! We might all have trouble understanding our external reality in a linear fashion. Cancer carries strong emotional memory - therefore this would be a great time to do some deep reprogramming and healing work around childhood wounding. If plans, transport, conversations mess up! This is just a heads up - to be patient and understand that these retrogrades reflect a very necessary part of our natural cycle of introspection. 
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