Beauty Tips On the go

Travelling is a rewarding experience for its adventures and opportunities; those early mornings watching the sunrise on your hike through the mountains, that crystal clear water you spent the day floating in, and those late nights roaming the city streets finding hidden gems to wine and dine. 
Or perhaps you travel often for work, so you can expand your connections and be inspired by a different culture and way of life. 
Whatever travel means to you, we do know one thing, with all its thrills and frills it can be taxing on our time and energy, meaning our self-care rituals can go out the window. 
Not to worry! We can replace our self-care rituals with some savvy travelling rituals. Read on for our top travelling tips for self-care on-the-go.

Tip 1: Stay hydrated for glowing skin

Hydration is number one! 

You may not have the time for your full morning and evening skincare rituals, but you will have time to carry and drink water everywhere you go (don’t forget your reusable bottle!). This in-turn hydrates your skin which keeps it glowing and plump.

Just some of the benefits of drinking water for the skin include:

It allows optimum skin moisture, delivers essential nutrients to the skin cells and replenishes skin tissue for a healthy dewy look.

It’s your best form of anti-aging skincare as it keeps the skin hydrated and firm, therefore, less fine lines and wrinkles.

It flushes out toxins from the body by improving the digestive system. This in turn gives you healthy and glowing skin.

Try your best to drink filtered water rather than tap water. This saves you from consuming toxic metals and chemicals. 

Tip 2: Keep your look easy and simple 

We all want to look great on our travels but let's be honest, who has time for a perfectly sculpted brow, blended eye-shadow and lined lips? 

When we are on the road travelling with a schedule or even just relaxing, our time is precious and we want to use and enjoy every minute of it. 

Our recommended products for an easy and simple look are:

Brow Fibre Extend for instant tinted and fuller brows with one swipe.

Goddess Mascara for long-lasting smudge and waterproof lashes.

Your favourite Eye of Horus lipstick for a pop of colour on your lips.

    Tip 3: Travel-size products 

    Travel-size products were made for… travel! It makes total sense to bring along the travel-size of your favourite beauty products on your trip so you can fit more of your essentials in while travelling lighter. 

    They are also perfect for those mornings when your running out the door and need your products in your hand-bag for touch ups in the car or plane. 

    You asked for your favourite Eye of Horus product - the Black Goddess Mascara - in a travel-size and we delivered. Now we have released our second travel-size product - the Eclipse Goddess Traveller - an exclusive gift with purchase sample of our new Glow complexion range launching early November.

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