Mums the word

Here at Eye of Horus Cosmetics we are so excited this Mother’s Day because our wonderful Founder and Co-Owner Holly is a first-time new Mumma of her baby Banks and we wanted to honour her this Mother’s Day for being the incredible Mother that she is.
During these first few precious months of bubbas lives, they are 100% dependant on their Mumma and Papa especially Mums with breastfeeding. They are literally an extension of you which needs unconditional love and support 24/7. When it comes to Holly - we have seen her completely step into the role of ‘Super Mum’ with an inspiring and beautiful dedication and perspective on Motherhood. She is the type of Mum who truly loves unconditionally, will put in 100% effort and attention, yet also go with the flow and be very flexible, an ideal example of balance.

This Mother’s Day we asked Holly to answer a few questions about her experience of Motherhood so far. Read below!

1. We may be a little bias… but your 7-month year old baby ‘Banks Jeffery Schleich’ is absolutely beautiful. Both in looks and nature! Is he what you imagined? How is he different to what you expected?

I’m also totally bias, hehe, but yes he is such a beautiful little soul.  I feel we got incredibly lucky with him, even at 7 months old (this week) his little personality is shining through. Some people comment that he is the happiest baby they have ever seen. He does take everything in around him and radiates so much love and light and pure sunshine. He is everything I imagined and more, and although only being in our world for 7 months we cannot imagine life without him.

2. Please tell us where did the chosen name of Banks Jeffery come from?

Jay and I both heard the name on the radio while on our Honeymoon and loved it. I was already 10 weeks pregnant at that stage. Jeffrey is named after my legend of a Dad.

3. How have you found the experience of being a first-time new Mumma?

It’s the most incredible experience, one I don’t think anyone can ever prepare you for. There are major highs and lows in motherhood, and honestly, I’m not sure there is any way to grasp it until you’re in the middle of it.

It can be an emotional rollercoaster that is completely contradictory - on one hand it’s incredibly draining, emotionally taxing, you are super sleep deprived and you feel like a zombie. On the other hand your life takes on a whole new meaning and makes space for a kind of love that you have never known.  A unconditional love that flows through you that’s deep and meaningful. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced in your life and it brings you more joy and happiness than anything you could ever imagine, just one smile, snuggle or look makes all the hard stuff worth it

4. What has being a Mumma taught you so far?

Being a Mumma has certainly changed the way I view my priorities in life. It has taught me the importance of being present in the moment. Life moves so fast and as Mothers we generally have to juggle a lot to keep everything going and sometimes I’ve had to really remind myself to stop and focus on the only thing that truly matters. When you become a Mum you cannot comprehend the connection and depth of love that you feel, it is an unsurpassed love for one little human that relies on you solely. There is an innate motherly instinct in us women that just emerges and all of a sudden these little humans become your world and nothing else matters, everything else seems secondary.

5. Even with taking maternal leave - being Co-Owner & Creative Director meant you were still ‘on’ and working during and after your pregnancy. How have you balanced your work and having a newborn?

I think that’s the nature of having your own business, you never totally switch off. I also love keeping my brain active so being able to continue to work during pregnancy and in the early newborn stages was important for me. The biggest challenge was learning to lower my expectations of myself, I set pretty high goals for myself. I expected to be able to manage having a newborn whilst still keeping up with the business and life in general. I luckily have some pretty incredible goddesses at EOH HQ who have stepped up and managed things in my absence. I also have the best Business Partners who have allowed me the flexibility and time to manage my workload around having a young family. 

6. This is your first ever Mother’s Day! How are you spending it? We hope that your boys spoil you.

Haha no idea, I dont imagine my hubby would have no idea it was even Mothers Day

7. What could you and Banksy just not live without right now?


8. What is your favourite product from Eye of Horus, and why should we add it to our collections right now?

I have to say I am loving our new Brow Sculpting Clay. Being a busy Mumma I have very little time for a beauty regime these days. The new Brow product is essentially a compact Brow Pomade and Brush all in one convenient tool. It defines my brows and the formula stays put all day. Love it!

Thank you so much for your insights Holly. We wish you a lovely and happy first Mother’s Day.

Love from the EOH team x