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The ancient Egyptians were a highly intelligent society where their main concern was to evolve spiritually & it was a common goal to reach eternal life. One of their famous tools which helped them immensely was the Ankh (otherwise known as the key of life). 

So whats so special about the Ankh symbol? Well the shape of the Ankh actually mirrors the shape of the human body meridians. The ancient Egyptians discovered that when they orgasm they lost a huge amount of sacred sexual energy (life force energy), therefore leaving them depleted. With the genius use of the Ankh technique they practised retaining the life force energy within their body.

Before reaching orgasm, they would consciously redirect the life force energy around their body in the shape of an Ankh which would actually charge them up rather than losing the energy and leaving them tired. They believed by practising this Ankh technique they could attain a healthy eternal life!