This Month Goddess Giving - Solidarity4Teachers - Mosaik

Rebecca, (Bec) is a fellow “Goddess”, and a close friend who has given up her high profile job in web world to travel to Europe and get personally involved in support programs that touch her heart. In February 2017, Bec got in involved in a life changing program in Lesvos Island, Greece, where she is giving her time, heart and soul to support displaced refugees and give them a real future. Read all about her inspirational “Goddess Giving” which should inspire us all to think about what we have and how incredibly fortunate we are. She graciously also wanted to give us her 3 fave Eye of Horus products and why. 


Solidarity4Teachers - Mosaik

The initiative that I’m behind for this months’ Goddess Giving is not only one that I support, but one that I’m actually organising with two other Australians. It’s called Solidarity4Teachers – Mosaik

Running until the 18th June 2017, the aim is to raise AU$25,000 to pay for the salaries of an entire teaching team who are providing free and high quality education for 700 refugees currently stuck in limbo on Lesvos Island, Greece.

We have teamed up with three incredible organisations there (Lesvos Solidarity, Mosaik Support Center and Borderline-Europe) after travelling to Lesvos in February as part of a documentary film project. We were interviewing people and organisations that have responded to the refugee crisis in Europe by providing support with dignity to refugees. They showed us that there are feasible, economic and more humane alternatives to refugee camps that are really working. These are lessons we chose to bring back to Australia by way of short documentary films that are currently in production.

While there, we interviewed Efi Latsoudi, founder of Lesvos Solidarity and Co-founder of Mosaik Support Center (where the teachers are employed). Efi is a local Greek woman who won the UNHCRs Nansen Refugee Award last year. She was one of only 2 people in the world to be awarded, it’s the highest level of recognition for extraordinary humanitarian efforts apart from the suite of Nobel Prizes. She’s kind of a big deal.

 Together with her team and partner organisations, she provides shelter, housing, medical attention, psychological support, schooling, art, craft, meditation, legal help with asylum applications and a sense of community for some of the worlds’ most vulnerable people.

Australian portrait artist Angus McDonald is spearheading this fundraising effort to help raise $25,000 to pay for the salaries of all of the teaching staff for an entire year. When you think about it, it’s really not much!

Angus is also donating one of his incredible drawings to one lucky person who donates. This drawing is worth AU$15,000 (11,000 Euro)! The winner will be selected at random and announced once the fundraiser is finished on June 18.

We are already one week in and have raised almost AU$10,000 towards our goal! We need your help to get us over the line. There are 3 weeks left to become a part of a community of generous people that are proving that many small gestures can amount to a massive change to some of the worlds’ most vulnerable people.

I want to thank the Eye of Horus Team for their generous donation and unwavering support.

Can you also spare 1 minute and some spare change?

Thank you for your support!

Rebecca’s Top Picks:

There are three Eye of Horus products that I wear every single day. These are the Goddess Mascara, the Bronze Amulet Pencil and the Dual Brow Perfect - Husk.

Goddess Mascara

I actually feel naked without it. Being from Byron Bay, Australia, I was so happy to finally find the perfect mascara for summer living. Beach swims and humidity are no problem because this product doesn’t run or leave black smudges, ever! Other waterproof mascaras I have tried were always sticky and they clumped my lashes together. No matter how expensive they were, they were always a complete nightmare to remove. 

Now I’ve relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark, I have a whole new set of makeup issues to deal with. Goddess Mascara’s lasting qualities are even more important here. Danish biking culture is a way of life. That means in rain, hail or shine (or snow!), your face is always exposed to the elements. I cycle through the city sometimes with sleet sliding down my face for work, to meet friends, for interviews and nights out, but Goddess Mascara never fails me. I stocked up and brought a whole bag of Goddess Mascara with me because I can’t imagine buying anything else!

Bronze Amulet Pencil:

This one is my fave because it suits my complexion. It’s the perfect Day to Night colour and also perfect for those in a rush. I’m not the most talented with a makeup brush, but I find this pencil colour to be the most forgiving when those wings aren’t quite even. If you’re in a rush like me most days, get stressed by drawing the perfect eyeliner or are worried about not looking ‘natural’, you can draw this on and be out the door in 2 seconds; looking good every time!


Dual Brow Perfect – Husk:

Again, this product is a total game changer for me. I cannot count the amount of photos I have where I look like I have no eyebrows! Husk is the perfect shade for those with a lighter complexion or blond hair. I love the shape of this brow pencil because it’s precision means you can draw over your entire brow in one or two strokes. I use it with and without the gel depending whether I’ve recently had my brows shaped or if I’m going out and want awesome brows that stay awesome the whole time. Husk is also great if you want subtler brows without people thinking you’re wearing anything. This product has become such a staple in my life that I never leave the house without it.