The Multipurpose, Seven Seed Sacred Oil

Introducing our newest addition to Eye of Horus beauty, the Seven Sacred Seed Oil, a natural, multi-purpose elixir, hand-blended with the Seven Sacred Oils of Antiquity for a renewed and rejuvenated complexion. 

The rich, soothing elixir awakens the skin, providing a hydrating, revitalising remedy that works hard to activate skin cells, support skin’s elasticity, and boost collagen production. Artisan crafted in Byron Bay, Seven Sacred Seed Oil is designed for all skin types, particularly sensitive and troubled skin, and can be used day and night in place of your serum, moisturiser or primer- simplifying your morning and evening routine down to one sacred bottle.


The Seven Seed Sacred Oil pays tribute to the ancient knowledge found in the first medicinal texts known as the Ebers Papyrus. Ancient alchemists knew that these simple seeds contained all the nutrient information required for deep rejuvenation and healing of skin and hair.

Moringa | Abyssinian | Hemp | Pomegranate | Marula, Baobab | Nigella Seed Oil

Day Wear

Lightweight and silky in texture, the Seven Seed Sacred Oil can be worn daily without the oily residue.

To wear as a primer and moisturiser before makeup application, warm a few drops between the fingertips and gently apply to the face and neck. 

A few drops of this multi-purpose elixir can also be mixed into foundation for extra hydration and a dewy, natural finish, or can be added to the high points of the cheeks for a subtle glow when the light catches.

Whilst you go about the day, this ancient oil infusion will be working to boost collagen production and fight against fine lines, dark spots, dryness and inflammation.


Night Ritual

The signature scent of Frankincense, Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose and Patchouli enhances meditation and will awaken your senses for an enlightened nightly beauty ritual.

Begin by cleansing with a few drops of oil, water and the Organic Bamboo Cleansing Kit. 

To moisturise, apply the Seven Sacred Seed Oil to the face and neck to aid in cell regeneration. Alternatively, the face elixir can be used as a face mask to nurture, plump and enrich the skin back to health, with its infusion of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

For an indulgent, self-care experience, massage the oil with a Guasha Tool to help relieve tension, sinus pressure and puffiness. Begin by sweeping the tool up the neck, along the jawline, cheeks, forehead and under the eyes, followed by short, sharp pressing motions to release stagnant energy. This soothing technique will help with the absorption of vital ingredients, boost hydration and stimulate collagen production.

Lightweight and silky, this ancient elixir can also be used as a replenishing tonic on dry hair. To stimulate hair growth, massage the Seven Sacred Seed Oil deep into the scalp for ten minutes for a heightened and soothing experience.

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