Sanna Nosheen from LOOKAMILLION is well known in the makeup industry with a huge following across her social media channels and is a big fan of Eye Of Horus Cosmetics.  "I absolutely LOVE the brow define- this brow pencil is SO amazing. The best way to get quick and easy brows but brows that are on point! I also love the alchemy gold liquid liner- the perfect colour to pop in a double wing liner."

We were delighted when she approached us to sponsor her first ever Makeup Master Class on May 8th in her hometown London. EOH will be providing product for the gift bags of attendees and VIP guests along with some for the Master Class. Check out the Masterclass details here.

Sanna's Mum, Shaheen otherwise known as MUM MILLION is also a passionate makeup fanatic and will be attending her Masterclass to lend a helping hand on Mother's Day. MUM MILLION is also a fan of Eye Of Horus Cosmetics, "I absolutely love your incredibly creamy eye pencils and I adore your liquid eye liners. I am eager to try other colours but the black is just wow!"

We caught up with the talented mother daughter duo to ask them a few personal questions. See below


1. How did you start getting into makeup?

I absolutely loved the art of makeup and applying makeup from a very very young age. It was artistic for me and fun. In my teens I suffered from an illness that resulted to me having huge insecurities with my appearance. Makeup was the only thing that gave me a little confidence and the application side was so soothing to me, as it kept my mind occupied.

I have always been fascinated with theatre makeup- drag makeup and arabic style in particular because the art and precision of line work was perfection. I have always been inspired by the colours, line work and techniques that allow us to transform our faces- its art for me and faces are blank canvases. 

2. Are you and Mum both makeup artists as a profession or is it a passionate hobby? 

My Mum now helps me out with makeup bookings but has another full time career- its fun for her and also something for us to do together. I have high ambition for her work.

I am a 20 year old makeup artist and travel worldwide for makeup! My last international trip was LA- I absolutely love it. I love to share my style and learn from others. I have been working as a freelance makeup artist since I was only 15 travelling nationwide for party makeup/bridals. My speciality is arabic bridal.

3. Did doing makeup bring you two closer together?

We have always been extremely close. My Mum is the closest thing to me. I share everything with her and naturally the more I got into makeup so did she! We share everything from hobbies to clothes to friends! Its insane! Haha we never ever run out of things to talk about.

4. Will Mum be helping out at your upcoming Makeup Master Class? 

My mum is attending as a special guest, but before all of that as my Mum and my rock. She is involved in every big business decision, I will often go to her for advice. She is with me every step of the way. We are so lucky we both have an audience as Mum Million & LOOKAMILLION, we just want to represent every Mum and daughter and be people everyone can relate to, we enjoy meeting people together and we live for everyones support. I'm very lucky to have her attend my workshop and we are both very very lucky to meet every single attendee, we live for them!

LOOKAMILLION pictured below wearing Eye Of Horus Cosmetics.


1. How did you start getting into makeup?

I always loved makeup since I was around 13. I was fascinated with bright colours and would buy the most extraordinary colours in lipstick and eyeliners. As I have matured, I have become subtle in making choices in every aspect of my life.

2. Are you a professional makeup artist or is it a passionate hobby? 

I have attended a weekend class with Illamasqua on creative makeup. Most of what I have learnt is from Sanna. I am always picking up tips from her.

3. Did doing makeup bring you two closer together?

Sanna and I have always had a friendship relationship rather than mother and daughter. As we both enjoy the same things; makeup, shopping, going out this all helps in spending time together. Being in Sanna’s company is infectious. She is full of ambition, creates laughter wherever she goes. We enjoy the moment!

4. Will you be helping out at Sanna's upcoming Makeup Master Class? 

I am supporting Sanna with her master class and super excited for her. I will help wherever I can.

MUMMILLION pictured below wearing Eye Of Horus Cosmetics.