This month we would love to introduce you to Shelby - One of our fabulous Eye of Horus “Goddesses”. She has chosen a Project close to her heart and we profile the Project and tell you a little about our in-house Goddess who happens to be one of our team.


 Shelby’s Top Picks


Goddess Mascara – Goddess Mascara is an everyday essential for me, it’s a necessity, I wear the Babylon Brown most days for a softer look. The wax formula of the Goddess Mascara is a life-saver for my allergy afflicted eyes, it’s long lasting and smudge-proof, so I don’t wreck my eye makeup when my eyes are watering or irritated and no panda eyes if you forget to take your makeup off overnight!
Bronze Amulet & Sahara Nude Goddess Pencils – These two shades from the Goddess Pencil range are my go-to products for an effortless natural look. The Sahara Nude Pencil on my waterline helps make me look awake and fresh even if I’m not, it brightens and opens up the eyes. Then I glide the Bronze Amulet Pencil close to the lash line on my upper lid for soft definition. The Pencils have a creamy, rich formula making them easy to apply and long-lasting.
Isis Sun Goddess Eyeshadow Palette – The pink and bronze metallic shades in the Isis Sun Goddess Eyeshadow Palette are my favourite, it’s perfect for everyday wear, and when applied wet gives great intensity for the evening. Super pigmented, easy to apply and long-lasting, exactly what I’m looking for in an eyeshadow. 

Q. When do you feel most powerful?
A. I believe that my most powerful moments are when I am helping others, it doesn’t have to be huge, but the ability to help and support others is really empowering. It’s amazing how we all have the ability to make the people around us happy, I think that’s really powerful.

Q. Your greatest adventure?
A. My trip to Mexico in 2015 is definitely up there as my greatest adventure, I went over there by myself for 5 months and studied in Mexico City, I got to spend the semester travelling around the country eating tacos, drinking Mescal, making beautiful new friends and visiting Mexico’s amazing beaches and cities.

Q. What’s your beauty routine?
A. When it comes it my beauty routine I can be pretty lazy; I like to keep it super simple. In the mornings I apply tinted moisturiser with sunscreen & Eco Minerals Powder Foundation to a clean face and finish with my favourite Eye of Horus products on my eyes and brows.In the evenings I take all my makeup off with an Eye of Horus Microfiber Cloth and moisturise with an organic rosehip oil. 

Q. Tell us your favourite makeup look/product?
A. I like a fairly natural make-up look, I like my skin to look fresh and I have blue eyes so I like to use gold and bronze tones, with a rose lippy to finish it all off too.

Q. What’s your role at Eye of Horus?
A. I work closely with Amy, the Sales Director at Eye of Horus, we try to get Eye of Horus cosmetics into the make-up bags of as many people as possible.

Q. What project did you choose for this month and why?
A. I chose the WellWishers Trust project to give access to life-saving water to people in Tigray, Ethiopia. By providing clean water to a village, a water pump significantly reduces the impact of collecting water on women and children, especially girls allowing them more time to work and go to school. As well as reducing the fatal impacts of drinking dirty water. PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Quench the thirst of people living in Tigray by giving them clean water that is absent of water-borne diseases for one day. The provision of clean and hygienic water will reduce a woman’s average daily water collection time; effectively reduces children mortality rate from water-borne diseases; and allows girls to receive a proper education instead of spending their time collecting water.
Through our media we influence a lifestyle and ethics of the true Goddess, which depicts beauty, freedom, and consideration for others and our planet. 

Our philosophy is that all women and children of our world deserve and should have the basic rights to freedom of speech, education, and thrive in areas of health, abundance, opportunity and love.