Goddess Giving - Act for peace ration challenge

The 20th of June will mark the UN’s World Refugee Day where all around the globe people work together to raise awareness and funds to help refugees far and wide.
We laugh and joke at our own daily struggles saying “first world problems”, but one of our Goddesses Cait has taken this to the next level and volunteered to actually experience a “third world problem”.… by taking on the Ration Challenge by the organisation Act For Peace.

The Ration Challenge runs for one week between 17th-24th June where people volunteer to eat the same food rations as a Syrian refugee for one week, to raise funds for the refugees in Jordan.

The weekly food ration is made up of a tiny amount of rice, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, fish & oil. That’s it! However, participants can earn extra bonus foods by hitting certain fund raising goals – such as $500 raised gets you one vegetable of choice during the week, and $1,000 raised gets you two coffees during the week.

After the Ration Challenge is over, Act For Peace gratefully accept the raised funds and use it to directly help the refugees with more food, health care and education.
We asked Cait to share a bit about what inspired her to take on the Ration Challenge:

“When I saw this Ration Challenge pop up online one evening, I knew straight away that I wanted to sign up and do it in support of these Jordan refugees. That area of the world holds a special meaning to me as I see it as a very sacred place, being located right next to Cairo and Jerusalem.
These people are having to deal with the loss of their homes, families, belongings, everything… mainly due to war… and the last thing they need is to be worrying about where their daily food will be coming from.
Compared to what they must go through, I feel that eating one week like them is nothing for me. If anything, it will just give me some insight into the really serious struggles that so many people out there are going through right now… leaving me even more grateful for the amazing food I get to enjoy daily with no worries.
Plus, I knew my amazing group of close family and friends would get behind me on this and offer their support by generously donating funds. This meant I was able to hit my goal of $500 within the first 24hrs of starting!! So, I then raised my goal to $1,000 and soon hit that too! All I had to do was just remind my friends and family that I have to hit the $1K mark to allow coffee back in and they donated like crazy in the hope I’d get it haha. For the love of coffee!!“