Goddess Giving

At Eye of Horus Cosmetics we strive to contribute to bringing about more beauty in our world, not only by creating cosmetics for people to express themselves, but also with our Goddess Giving Program.

The Goddess Giving Program is a way that we can give back each month to causes close to our heart, to support those in need and to contribute to the rise of beauty and harmony in our natural world.

We are forever inspired by the natural world; its beauty, intelligence, mystery and nourishing qualities. We honour the natural world with our cosmetics by featuring clean pure minerals, waxes, oils and botanicals throughout the range, and stand for cruelty free practices.

As part of our Goddess Giving Program we have partnered with The World Wildlife Fund where we are able to donate monthly to their important mission to preserve the wilderness and reduce human impact on the environment.

Our monthly donation to WWF contributes to:

• Fund innovative drinking stations installed high in trees and research into free-water sources for koalas.
• Help track wildlife movements with GPS locators, for better protection of them and their habitat.
• Fund campaigns for stronger laws to protect our native wildlife and habitats.

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To celebrate the Choose Cruelty Free Accreditation Eye of Horus welcomed a new furry friend into the family… with the help of WWF, we were able to adopt a native Australian koala! 

Sadly, our Aussie icons are losing their homes and their lives…

• Across Queensland’s Koala Coast, the tree-clearing has become so severe that over 80% of koalas have now been lost.
  Throughout eastern NSW, koalas are casualties of some of the highest tree-clearing rates in the world.
  Populations have declined by a staggering 42% in the past 20 years and the koala is at serious risk of becoming extinct in both NSW and Queensland.

We must act to protect them now, or they could disappear in a matter of decades. By adopting a koala through WWF we are helping plant new trees for them to live in and care for sick and injured koalas, as well as support efforts to urge our governments to stop excessive tree-clearing, protecting wildlife for the long-term.

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