We were lucky enough to exhibit Eye of Horus at the prestigious Makeup Artist event IMATS London 2016 for the first time. 

Walking the stalls, we were in disbelief of the creative artistic expression, it was visual feast with creatures and gods coming to life through use of plastics and prosthetics. 

The individualism artistic expression, studied to the highest degree with enthusiasm for their craft was so inspiring.

We were proud to be exhibiting amongst the host of creative artists and enthusiasts where we were valued for our quality products and ethics as much as our branding and marketing.

We had a sense of gratitude from our loyal supporters on the other side of the world who were thrilled to see us there.

We engaged local London creative makeup artist Jenna Jeffries, to transform model and performer Aurora Starr into a real life Isis Egyptian Goddess. 

Our real life Isis Goddess captured the eyes of the audience with her golden beaded outfit and statement opal blue wings.

Her makeup featured our Alchemy Gold Liquid Metal Liner, which created a hype about the new Liquid Metal Range - people were going crazy for them on the day!