Cruelty Free Approved

We have always been cruelty free, and we always will be. We are passionate about this ethical standpoint because we believe that beauty shouldn’t come at the cost of animal cruelty.
Testing beauty products (or any products for that matter!) on animals for safety and usability should never have been a standard practice, and yet it’s heartbreaking to know that it still goes on all over the world. We maintain our ethical standards by only selling our products to countries who have a “no animal testing” policy. Unfortunately, this excludes our friends in the PRC at the moment. We understand there is work going on in China to ban animal testing, but until it is officially banned we choose not to supply this to prevent our products being subject to random control tests on animals.
Being a cruelty free cosmetics brand means that not one single ingredient or product has been tested on animals. Plus, we’re accredited through EU Compliance which is about as strict as it gets worldwide.

Over the past two years we have been working hard to get the extensive paper trail ready for accreditation, and today we are so excited to announce that Eye of Horus Cosmetics has been awarded its official Cruelty Free status via the universally recognized ‘Choose Cruelty Free’ association.

Getting this accreditation meant collecting a vast range of documents (thank goodness for digital copies to save our trees!) from every supplier of every ingredient, product, and manufacturer we use to prove that not one bit of every product has ever been tested on an animal.

“Eye of Horus is proudly a Cruelty free accredited brand. Creating high performing and natural cosmetics without animal testing has always been a major part of our ethical mantra. We don’t believe in the use of animal testing for the sake of beauty. We encourage the collective movement towards ending animal testing practices which can be done by supporting cruelty free accredited brands. The key is to educate yourself and be aware of your choices, do your research before making a purchase. Join the movement and do your little part by choosing cruelty free. It doesn’t just help save lives of animals it’s proven to be a healthier choice for you too.”
Holly Schleich, Founder & Co-Owner.

Ethical beauty is one of our guiding principles, and it looks like we aren’t the only ones. We recently collaborated with Conscious Influencer @montanalower for our new Solstice Shadow Palettes where we asked our shared community for opinions on
ethical beauty.

The winning entry, chosen by Montana was inspiring; “I believe no animal has to suffer, nor our Mother Earth just to make me feel beautiful. Ethical beauty should be the norm so no one is harmed and we can live in harmony.”

Montana herself says “Why do I believe in this? Because it sets the standard for a future of respecting our environment through beauty that is: CRUELTY FREE, 100% naturally derived, organic + vegan ingredients, no nasty chemicals, recyclable packaging, and locally made. When we raise our voices together, we stand up for the world that we believe in and we create CHANGE. It means everything to me, to stand with you.”

We always knew we kept good company, but our hearts swelled as we read the feedback from our community. Here are a few of our favourite responses on why ethical beauty is so important.

“Ethical beauty doesn’t only prevent the suffering of innocent animals but is a cornerstone for change and protest against companies that do test on animals! Eye of Horus Cosmetics proves that gorgeous makeup can be ethical and natural, promoting sustainability and sound morals... fully aligning with my goals in life.”

“It’s the way of the future. Some people are yet to realise that the expensive chemically infused foundation and eyeshadow they’re using is causing harm to not only themselves but the earth, animals and the future of their grandchildren. But that’s okay, because it means they just need a little education, brands like Eye of Horus Cosmetics are exactly how we move forward.”

“Ethical beauty should be the norm, we should hold all beauty products to the same ethical standard for the sake of a sustainable planet and the correct treatment of animals. This in turn creates a pure product that focuses on the positive relationship it forms with the earth and its surrounding beings, and who doesn’t love feeling great in what they’re wearing, especially knowing that Eye of Horus Cosmetics doesn’t come with the same cost to animals and the environment as other brands do.”  

“I love ethical beauty because not one soul should be hurt for a lippy or for an eyeshadow. Ethical beauty truly is a mecca for honouring connection to Mama, to animals, to plants, to people who create and honour that as well.”

“I believe in ethical beauty because I believe in changing this planet!!! The fashion and beauty industry is so large and can be so cruel and wasteful. Especially as a model who is in the industry it’s important to me that I’m aware of how I represent what I wear and what products I use! It’s also important to do the best you can to stay consistent in all areas of your life when it comes to moving towards bettering the environment. I LOVE ETHICAL BEAUTY.”

“Ethical beauty is so important because it’s our future as teenagers and children to make a difference in our world and make it right again for everyone in the future. We don’t have the right to destroy our planet just because
we won’t be here in 100 years that means nothing - we need to savour it and make it something special just like we all are.”

“I like to know that what I’m putting on my face is ethical, sustainable, isn’t made out of animals and hasn’t hurt any either. This is so important to feeling guilt free when wearing makeup, I don’t have to feel guilty about the Earth, the people who made the products, the animals, or myself because I’m supporting something good. It’s a win win for everyone and it’s the only option that truly makes sense!”

Do you love ethical beauty? Write into us at and let us know why! We love hearing from you.