Cleopatra's Bling

We’re so excited to bring you one of our most exciting collaborations yet! We joined forces with Cleopatra's Bling to bring you our exciting Valentines Day Giveaway. This was definitely a match made in heaven. On that note we would like to introduce you to the talented Olivia Cummings, the creator behind, Cleopatra’s Bling, a jewellery line inspired by rugged nature, ancient empires, and a symphony of emotions, that blends the designs of East and West.

Something about Olivia harkens back to another time, when adventure and beauty could be found in far-flung locations, just past some hanging tapestries.

Her wandering soul is nourished by travel between her family in lush Melbourne, and her adopted homes, which form a constellation of destinations connecting East and West. In 2013, while living in France, Cleopatra’s Bling began as an homage to this connection: the elegance of the lifestyle she had built for herself in Paris, with the beautiful craftsmanship she was discovering on frequent trips to Istanbul. In her Paris apartment, memories of cardamom and apricot from streets of Turkey swirled with images of the gold and silver her friends the jewellers moulded in the Grand Bazaar.

A love of trinkets, jewels, and treasures had come to Olivia at an early age. On holidays to cacophonous bushland, running down to glistening seashores, or in her own veggie-filled backyard, everything was a gem-like inspiration. Heavy lemons hung like earrings from the trees, the dewdrops glistened on the Snowgums, and the sea-glass that she collected made light dance in the morning sun. In the midst of this verdant home she poured over the crystals she kept in her treasure chest.

It seemed only natural to collect together this love for the natural and the spiritual, with the techniques that the craftspeople in the Grand Bazaar taught her over a thick, black coffee. Cleopatra’s Bling was born out of the sense of discovery, alongside the richness of this history and tradition. Olivia’s jewellery represents this marriage of the ethereal and the symbolic; she infuses each handmade piece with her free, bohemian sensibility, while grounding the designs in ancient lore.

She is able to access this collective memory as she hammers metal and sculpts wax by hand, in the same way it has been done for thousands of years. In keeping with these ancient techniques Olivia reminds us all of our innate connectivity. This, she sees as the true power of jewellery - to bind us to those people, places and moments that we love, whether in the present, or bound to time and the cosmos.

She wishes that they may also lead you to discover your next destination. Today Olivia is based between Istanbul and Naples.


We asked Olivia some questions on how Cleopatra’s Bling begun.

EOH:  Olivia, can you please tell us how the name Cleopatra’s Bling came to your mind? Were there any other names you were contemplating before deciding?


OC: It came to me in a light-hearted and kind of tongue-in-cheek way, since I wasn’t really expecting my brand to grow the way it did, in the beginning I was just playing around with concepts. Since I was learning in Istanbul, a very Eastern place but also not quite “Middle Eastern”. Hence the play on two concepts from the East and West. I guess Istanbul is also a bridge between the East and West which makes it so fascinating.


EOH: Have you explored much of Egypt before? It is our ultimate inspiration!


OC: Not yet but it’s on my list! I would love to visit.


EOH: How did you first discover Eye of Horus Cosmetics and what was your initial impression?


OC:  I discovered on instagram (like most things) and loved the concept obviously, but upon reading more I loved also the cruelty-free philosophy and the fact that it’s a small family business - like my business!


EOH: Please enlighten us with your favourite product from the Eye of Horus range and why?


OC: I love the Universal Brow Lash Serum a lot, and the Goddess Mascara is a god-send!