Australian Bushfires

Australia is still burning. It’s been over two months now that our country has been on fire, and the effects of it are heartbreaking for the people, animals and land. 23 people have died, half a billion animals have been killed, 250 million tonnes of CO2 released, 14.5 million acres burned and 1500+ homes destroyed.
Back when the fires started, Eye of Horus Cosmetics chose to donate to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service to support them in fighting the fires. Now we turn to our native animals who are perishing and need life-saving support and rehabilitation.
Eye of Horus Cosmetics will be donating 100% of profits from all online sales from Wednesday 8th - Thursday 9th January split between seven states wildlife rescue organizations in Australia. Show your support to these animals and the people helping them by making a purchase here.
Recently one of our own team members Cait spent two weeks road tripping between Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Melbourne, all places in which these fires are burning. She writes about her experience…

“Over the past two weeks I explored the coastline of South Australia and Victoria along with the majestic Kangaroo Island. Although I did experience some areas with smokiness, I was lucky to not have run into any danger with the fires, and was able to still enjoy the breathtaking beauty of our Southern coastline, along with meeting an abundance of wildlife there. A wallaby even tried to sneak into my sleeper van for a cuddle one night and I had my first ever experience of seeing a platypus crawl out of a billabong onto the land.

The highlight of my trip was spending a few nights camping at Kangaroo Island before the fires got really bad there. Although I feel blessed to have had such a magical time there, it totally breaks my heart to hear of the horrific fires that were started from a dry lightning storm I witnessed the morning I left the island.

On my way home flying from Melbourne to the Gold Coast was when the reality of the fires really hit me, as I saw them all from above sitting in my airplane window seat (pictured below).

My heart goes out to all of those wild animals I spent time with during my trip (pictured below), marvelling at their beauty and wildness, along with the rest of the wild animals all over Australia who are needing our support now more than ever.”

Show your support to these animals and the people helping them by making a purchase now here with 100% of profits donated to The Rescue Collective or by donating directly. 

Other ways you can help in Australia via @wolfcubwolfcub


To your local Member of Parliament. @annarose_richards has already done the leg-work for us and has written a powerful letter, demanding climate action. The link is in her Instagram bio - All you need to do is fill in your name, your electorate and your local MP. Then post it off. It will take 15 minutes and speak volumes in the Senate. Or download the letter here.


To protest our government's lack of action on climate change:

  • SYDNEY: Friday 10 Jan 5:30pm, Sydney Town Hall
  • MELBOURNE: Friday 10 Jan 6pm, State Library
  • BRISBANE: Friday 10 Jan 5pm, King George Square
  • BYRON BAY: Friday 10th Jan 10am, Railway Park
  • ADELAIDE: Friday 10 Jan 5pm, Beehive Corner
  • PERTH: Wednesday 15 Jan 5pm, Forest Place


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