Your Best Brows Yet

Bold, bushy, straight, sparse, arched, curved, and everything in between, the tiny tufts of hair we call eyebrows play a pivotal role on our face - beyond what we often give them credit for. Above all else, their primary function is to prevent oil, sweat and other debris from entering into the eye. Not only that, our eyebrows are also essential for framing our face and communicating our essential facial expressions - a smile or frown wouldn’t have the same effect without our eyebrows. But the fixation with beautiful brows is no new love affair, the tradition dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians.
Eyebrows held a rich significance in Ancient Egyptian culture. They believed that a full, bold brow paid homage to Horus; the Egyptian God of protection and health. Over the years, the trends have shifted, but their significance remains.
When it comes to brows, we believe it’s all about embracing your natural shape. Whether that is full, fluffy, bold or barely there, we’ve got the products you need for achieving your best brows yet.
Read on to discover our best-kept brow secrets. You will learn how to select the perfect formula and shade for your brow type as well as best practice when it comes to application, grooming and care.


First and foremost, you need to find the right product for your brow type. 
We always recommend working with your natural shape and brow structure for a seamless, ‘no-makeup’, makeup look.
We have spent years curating and developing our brow suite to ensure we have a complete offering of brow products to shape, fill and groom every kind of brow.

Brow Define

This ultra-fine eyebrow pen creates natural, hair-like strokes to mimic your natural shape. A few strokes of the rich, blendable colour will transform brows leaving them filled & defined. Available in three shades, you can shape, define and fill your brows with ease using the Brow Define.

Brow Fibre Extend

The Brow Fibre Extend allows you to achieve a fuller looking brow while taming unruly arches. A light touch goes a long way to create order and direction. Available in three universal shades.

Dual Brow Perfect

Become a brow expert with this all-in-one filling & grooming eyebrow pen. The Dual Brow Perfect fills, shapes and holds in seconds. It features an innovative self-sharpening tip, high colour payoff and a glide-on formula for swift brow filling and shaping. It comes complete with a dual ended brow gel to set your shape for all day wear. Available in light, medium and dark.

Brow Sculpting Clay

If it’s bold, sculpted brows you’re after, look no further than the Brow Sculpting Clay. The unique Kaolin Clay formula is smudge-proof, water resistant and infused with ancient Abyssinian Oil to promote brow health. The ultra-soft brush will distribute the perfect amount of product every application and will glide through the hairs with ease. Available in three universal shades.


The application of each brow product will differ slightly so we always recommend referring to the individual's instructions for use, however a few universal principles will always apply. 
When first applying product to our eyebrows, we have a tendency to be heavy-handed, therefore we recommend beginning at the centre of your brow (arch), using feather-like strokes (that mimic your natural hairs) in the direction of your hair growth. Gradually blend the product through towards the tail of your brows. From there, you can finish by filling in the inner corners of your brows using upward and outward strokes. This method of application will prevent overuse of product and the brows from looking overdrawn.
To soften any harsh lines or edges, gently comb the brows using a spoolie brush. If you are using a gel, you can set and forget by gently combing through the product, applying it to each section of the brow and allowing it to dry.


Our body hair, including our brows, grow in a cycle, which typically lasts four to five weeks. By not taking to the tweezers, thread or wax too early, the follicle growth pattern will begin to sync, allowing the hairs to come through together. This will eventually lengthen the time between hair removal.
If you're taking to the tools yourself, we recommend filling in your brows first to give you a clear outline of your brow shape. You will also need a trusty pair of slant-tipped tweezers - these are an essential part of any brow kit. Poor quality tweezers are often not sharp enough to adequately remove the whole hair, which can result in in-grown hair as well as unnecessary damage and pain. 
When mastering the art of brow shaping, in a way that will compliment your face shape, you should consider your overall facial harmony. The simplest way to get your brows in the best shape is by using your natural features as a benchmark to work out where your brow should begin, where the highest point of the arch should be, as well as where the tail of your brow should end.
To identify where your brow should begin, place a cotton tip or thin eyeshadow brush at the inside of your nose, holding in a vertical direction. Where the tip lands indicates where your brow should begin.
From there, you determine your arch placement. To do so, rest your tool on the outer corner of your nostril and angle the pencil so it goes across the centre of your eye, towards your brow. The arch should begin where the tool meets the top of your brow. Lastly, to determine where the tail of your brow should end, manoeuvre the tool so that it goes across the very outer corner of your eye (it should point to above your ears). Where the tool meets the brow is where your brow should end. If the tail of the brow descends any lower, it can cause the eye to appear less lifted.
When tweezing, be sure to carefully remove the hair from the root, mimicking the natural direction of the hair growth.


Your brow routine won’t differ that much to that of the hair on your head. In the same way a hairdresser suggests that you massage your head to simulate growth and condition your hair, the same applies for your eyebrows. 
To simplify the process, we created the Universal Brow Lash Serum. This innovative serum was designed specifically to nourish and protect your delicate eyebrow and lash hairs, as well as promote natural growth.
The Universal Brow Lash Serum is infused with Star Anise, Rosemary Extract and Castor Oil for hair health.The ancient Egyptians were pioneers in using castor oil in cosmetics. Castor Oil is widely recognised for its ability to enhance hair growth and strengthen the hair follicles. 
Brush the Universal Lash Brow Serum through your brows in the evening after cleansing the skin. And be patient as results can take up to 6 weeks to show.