Welcoming Summer

Ahh summertime is upon us. Here in Australia, we welcome summer in with wide-open arms. It represents warmth, joy, bliss, beaches and relaxation (right?), well most of the time!
For our ultimate inspiration, Ancient Egypt, summer was the most celebrated time of year as it welcomed in the much-needed flooding of the Nile River. The Nile was their source of water, and the flooding of it was key to the fertility of their land and community health.
One of our newest additions to the Eye of Horus Cosmetics range is actually inspired by this very sacred time of year in Ancient Egypt. The new Sacred Earth Bronzing Palette reflects the purity and tones of the fertile earth’s pigments and changing hues of summertime in Ancient Egypt.

Today we are welcoming in the beginning of the warmer season with this curated summer inspired makeup tutorial, featuring the Sacred Earth Bronzing Palette.

And if your one of our many international goddesses who are leading into a cooler season, we hope this summery look brings you warmth and joy when you see and wear it.

Step 1: Using the Brow Define, shape and fill in brows with hair-like flicks.
Step 2: Using the shade Bronze Ochre from the Sacred Earth Bronzing Palette, apply to cheekbone line for definition and a deep bronzed tone.
Step 3: Using the shade Persian Peach, apply all over cheek area for a summery blushed undertone.

Step 4: Using the shade Sienna Blush, apply to the apple of the cheeks for a sweet sun-kissed finish.
Step 5: Using the shade Luxor Light, apply to cheekbone and brow bone areas for a natural healthy glow.
Step 6: Using the shade Luxor Light, apply to nose and cupids bow to highlight them.

Step 7: Using the shade Persian Peach, apply all over the mobile eyelid for a summery shadow.
Step 8: Using the shade Luxor Light, apply to the inner corner of eyes and just under brows to highlight them.
Step 9: Using the Bio Mascara, apply to upper lashes for a lovely long separated result.
Step 10: Using the Temptress Orange Velvet Lip, apply a small amount to lips with a brush or finger for a sheer result. Then finish with a touch of Bio Lip Elixir for a dewy finish.