The Sacred Earth Bronzing Palette

The Sacred Earth Palette reflects the purity of the earth’s naturally occurring pigments. In ancient Egypt, abundant harvesting relied on flooding of the desert which brought new minerals and nutrients to the land creating a fertile replenished earth. The raw colours of the palette reflect the changing hues of this ancient land.
The result is an effortless all-in-one complexion palette designed to create a natural look and healthy glow. Featuring four essential shades of matte bronzer, champagne illuminator, and two warm blush shades to transform your skin and eyes to a radiant goddess.
Luxor Light - champagne highlighter

A wearable everyday highlighter shade in a champagne tone, which suits all skin types. We recommend using on cheekbones and nose to highlight them for an all-day natural glowing appearance. It can also be used on eyes, face, and body for an ethereal total glow.

Sienna Blush - pink blush
More than meets the eye. This shade is a multi-dimensional pink blush with a golden undertone. When applied to the skin it offers a radiant and youthful glow due to its fusion of rosey pink and glowing gold. It can also be used on eyes as a unique eye shadow.

Persian Peach - peach blush
An earthy peach blush shade that brings a very natural flushed undertone to the skin. Wear alone to bring a healthy subtle colour to your cheeks, or underneath Sienna Blush as your base blush. 

Bronze Ochre - matte bronzer
A unique matte bronzer shade designed with a cool tone to allow for easy contouring.  The combination of matte texture and cool tone means you can apply to your cheekbones, nose, and temples to really define and shape them. It can be used across your cheeks and forehead for a natural sun-kissed look.


Step 1: Contour and bronze cheekbones with Bronze Ochre.

Step 2: Apply Sienna Blush or Persian Peach to apple of cheeks for a natural healthy look.

Step 3: Highlight features with Luxor Light for a radiant sun-kissed glow.

These high performing pure mineral pigments are 100% naturally derived with organic ingredients. Using a natural botanical preservative, they contain no talc, petroleum or synthetic oils. Along with being boosted with anti-aging bio-actives to enhance the skin's health.


The Glow Collection containing the Sacred Earth Palette is lovingly hand-crafted and produced in Byron Bay Australia, Eye of Horus Cosmetics local home-town, with designer eco recyclable packaging. This means a lower carbon footprint during production and a high quality control throughout the entire production.


“I absolutely adore the Sacred Earth Palette! It’s simply beautiful and oh so versatile. It is so easy to blend and the colours go beautifully together as well as look amazing on the eye. The colours create a natural look and healthy glow and are exceptionally easy to apply. I have been using this product since I received it a week ago and each day of wearing it, I have received lovely compliments! The Eye of Horus makeup range never disappoints! This product is definitely worth adding to your beauty collection and daily regime. I can not wait until my 'Love and Light Illuminating Palette' arrives early next week!”
Amanda R