The Only Mascara You'll Ever Need

Not all mascara's are created equal, and with so many available on the market, it is important to know what to look for when investing your pennies.
When it comes to sourcing a mascara that ticks all of the boxes, there is much to be considered. Product performance, ingredients, benefits and price - just to name a few. 
We have combined ancient wisdom with modern technology to create two award-winning mascara blends that belong in the makeup bags of every beauty enthusiast around the globe. 
Goddess Mascara
It’s no secret that our original and best-selling Goddess Mascara has a cult following and a fan base of professional makeup artists, celebrities, devoted customers and beauty influencers worldwide. But what makes her so special?
The unique Goddess Mascara formulation was inspired by the Ancient Egyptians, who many believe to be the originators of beauty. They strongly believed in the healing properties and benefits of plant-based beauty and were particularly fond of Organic Moringa Oil which they considered as one of the 7 most sacred oils. 
We have combined organic Moringa Oil with a special selection of natural waxes and pigments to create a high-performance blend that will not only lengthen and enhance your lashes but also deliver a gentle and long-lasting formula that promotes lash health. 
Cruelty-free, ethically sourced & paraben-free
Natural waxes for smudge-proof & water-resistant finish
Infused with organic Moringa Oil for lash health
Enriched with Vitamins A,B,C & E, Fatty Acids and 1700 anti-oxicants
Gentle, long-lasting formulation
Not only has the Goddess Mascara won countless awards and received hundreds of reviews from goddesses worldwide but it’s getting huge glow-ups from some of the most influential and refreshing beauty entrepreneurs in Australia - like this one from the Editor-in-chief of Gritty Pretty Magazine, Eleanor Pendleton.
I was first introduced to Eye of Horus last year and I’ve been using their Goddess Mascara probably since January this year now. As a short straight lash girl, I am completely obsessed. The length and separation of lashes this mascara gives, I believe is second to none. I also really love that the brand is Aussie, they are based in Byron Bay, and the formula itself is wax-based, meaning it’s also really suitable for sensitive eyes. 
Eleanor Pendleton on the Goddess Mascara
Usually, when I wear mascara it will always rub onto the top of my eyelids, and I find that so annoying if no one tells me and I catch myself in the mirror post-meeting and I can see all these dark stains. And I don’t actually wear mascara on my lower lash line for that exact reason, but a lot of mascaras will leave that stain on the top lash lid and I don’t find that happens with this one. So, that’s a really big win for me. I also love that it is really black as well, and I love that when I apply it to my lashes it has a beautiful wand but I love that when I glide it onto my eyelashes it remains wet enough for me to keep coating. You know when sometimes you put mascara on and if it dries out so fast and you go back for that second or third coat, you’ll notice that it started clumping and this one just doesn’t do that so you’ve got time to really work on coating your lashes. And again, the length and separation that this mascara gives - I am seriously blown away. 
I also love that it’s formulated in the style of ancient Egyptians so it used plant-based key ingredients like organic moringa oil that’s really rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, and also some fatty acids, it’s also really rich in antioxidants, and it also contains ethically and sustainably sourced beeswax and rice bran wax. And my tip for when applying this or any mascara is to avoid pushing and pulling the wand in the tube over and over again. When you do that it can cause your product to prematurely dry out. If you push air into the tube, not only does it cause the formula to dry and become clumpy, but it also causes those waxes to become really clumpy as well. So, don’t ever push your wand in and out of the tube”
Listen to episode 11 of Gritty Pretty Radio for the full wrap up. 
Eye of Horus Bio Mascara
At this point, you may be wondering what prompted us to introduce a second mascara to the collection. Let us enlighten you!
We felt compelled (and love a good challenge) to create a new mascara blend that is 100% natural, vegan, organic and didn’t compromise on product performance for ingredient integrity - created especially for our conscious consumer. The Goddess Mascara formulation is cruelty-free, however, it contains certified, sustainably-sourced beeswax, which meant it was not an option for some of our beloved customers. Fast-forward a few years (and endless hours of formulating) - we introduced the Bio Mascara.
We not only want the distinction to show within the ingredients but also within the lift.
The Bio Mascara is second-to-none when it comes to lifting and curling those lashes. The unique double-sided wand is curved with a comb style, specifically designed to replicate the shape of the upper and lower lash line. This means it can get in close to the lash roots and comb through them to lift and curl like no other.
100% Vegan, Cruelty-free, ethically sourced & paraben-free
98% organic and naturally derived ingredients
Enriched with GA (plant-based collagen) for lash growth
Infused with Marine Algae, Larch Trees and Oarweed for lash health
Gentle, volumising blend
The Bio Mascara has quickly solidified her place on the best-sellers list and is popping up on the faces of beauty editors, influencers and celebrities around the globe (Including the likes of Elsa Pataky). 
The Bio Mascara was almost recently awarded Best Mascara at the 2020 Organic Beauty Award and currently a finalist in the 2020 Non-Toxic Beauty Awards.
Eye of Horus Mascara Collection
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