Refresh your beauty ritual for Spring

Spring is in the air which means it’s time to shed those extra layers once again and refresh our beauty rituals to suit the new season. From underpainting to underlining, we share some of the season’s biggest looks that appeal to both minimalists and maximalists alike. 

True To You Foundation

A radiance-boosting, skincare-infused formula and sheer finish, the Skin Tint Serum is the perfect way to enhance your complexion for a look that is true to you. 



Underpainting is where you apply your contour under your foundation to achieve a softer, sculpted complexion and a more skin-focused look. Try reaching for a creamy contour stick for this technique. 

Learn more about this technique here


Inspired by the graphic eyeliner movement, underliner offers a more subtle approach while still maintaining its edgy appeal. Ideal for minimalist beauty lovers looking to elevate their eye makeup. 

Learn more about this technique here

90’s Liner

From a nude lip to a brick red, the ‘90s lip liner trend adds definition and fullness to lips. Whether you opt for a neutral or bold base color, top off with a sheer gloss.


Spring is the season of renewal, and what better way to welcome it than by refreshing your beauty rituals? Whether you lean towards a minimalistic vibe or embrace your maximalist spirit, these trends are designed to help you express your individuality. So, go ahead and shop the looks that resonate with you, and step into spring with a newfound radiance and confidence.

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