Rituals to enhance your lashes

Ancient cultures would perform the ritual of applying natural elements to their lashes to protect and beautify the eyes. Not only this, but they believed this practice prepared them to receive higher powers from above and gave them positivity to go about living a more harmonious existence.

How can we translate this wisdom into our modern day and age? We now understand that how we look can affect our internal world (how we feel), and vice versa. And guess what? We now also understand our internal world IS the higher power we look to for guidance and positivity.

Awaken your eyes, empower yourself, and feel the presence of confidence flow through all that you do in your day to day endeavours.

Read on as we bring you our tips to enhance your eyes and make the most of your gorgeous lashes for everyday beauty brilliance.


Lash primers are designed to maximize the result of your mascara application by offering longer, thicker lashes, as well as avoid any clumping. On top of that if you can find a lash primer that naturally nourishes your lashes for long-term health and growth support - that’s a win!

We have a revolutionary product in our range that was designed to do all of this plus more! Our Universal Brow Lash Serum was designed for both eyebrow AND eyelash health and grooming.

This universally tinted brow lash gel is perfect to prime and nourish lashes, doubling as an eyebrow grooming serum.

Its revolutionary formula helps to give the eyelashes volume and fullness and can be applied before mascara as a primer or worn alone as a nourishing lash treatment. Allow the elements of nature to deeply nourish you.

The customised angled micro-brush is specifically designed to capture and coat fine hairs from root to tip for grooming perfection.


Star Anise, Argan, Olive and Castor Oil, along with Rosemary Extract nourish the hairs for ultimate natural growth.

Minerals including calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, zinc and magnesium to condition, thicken and visibly improve the appearance of hairs.

Boosted with naturally occuring essential B-complex vitamins


“So in love with this brow lash serum! Perfect for styling and grooming my brows and so nourishing. I also apply it to my lashes as a primer to my Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara for extra length. So so good. Love it!” - Anya

“This is lovely on lashes and brows. Great to use prior to mascara or on it's own.” - Jenny

“I wasn't sure about this when I ordered it but it has been very pleasantly surprising! The bottle is quite small but a little goes a long way. I put this on my brows and lashes at night for a bit of moisture and it helps me to make sure I have cleaned off all my eye make-up properly. It is also great to put on brows in the day time. I have noticed a difference in my lashes, they seem to be longer and just look more full and healthy. I recommend!” - Claudia


Introduce an eyelash curler into your morning beauty ritual and watch your lashes go from average to va-va-voom! Curlers give your lashes a more dramatic lift that will last longer throughout the day.

You’ll want to curl your lashes gently three times for three seconds each: once closest to the eyelid, then midway up the length of the lash, and finally, towards the tip of the eyelash.

Hot tip - Before using it run the curler under warm water or a hairdryer so the pad and metal heat up to intensify the curl result.

The Eye of Horus Cosmetics Goddess Lash Curler comes with a bonus spare cushion insert!


“MY FAVORITE CURLER! This eyelash curler gives your eyelashes a beautiful lift, easily and effectively. <3” - Marina


Is there such a thing as perfect mascara application? There are definitely some key application tricks that can make your mascara work better for your lashes.

As usual, you’ll want to hold the wand horizontally to apply your first coat. While doing so, wiggle the wand gently at the base of lashes creating a slight eyeliner effect for instant thickness.

As you comb the wand through your lashes, blink into it creating pressure on the lashes and applying more mascara onto them for an intensified look.

Then, let this first coat set for about ten seconds allowing it to hold its shape, before going in with a second coat to thicken.

Next, you’ll want to turn the wand vertically and use the tip to paint on more mascara to any hard to reach areas such as inner and outer lashes to ensure your capturing and enhancing every single lash. Work it girl!

We invite you to use these simple steps in your morning beauty ritual to awaken and further enhance your natural beauty.