Refresh your make up bag

How to: Cleansing your makeup bag.

For most of us, cleaning is a part of every-day life. We clean our homes, our bodies, our clothes. We clean our cars, our pets and even our inner minds. One thing we’ve noticed can get neglected is our poor makeup bag. It can be a confronting hoard of expired product, lost lids, loose powder, but we often put our best face on and leave it for another day.

Today is the day! 

Us girls in the Eye of Horus HQ have been sharing tips and tricks for refreshing makeup bags and feeling free of our makeup hoarding ways and want to share them all with you!

1. Throw out old products.
We all know what it looks like in there. Open that bag and you’re thrown into a dimension of lid-less cosmetics, expired products and loose powders. Though we’re all guilty of holding onto our favourite lipstick we’ve had for years past its prime, the rule of thumb is that you should be getting rid of it after one year. Refreshing your eye makeup regularly is probably the most important product to keep on top of as they can attract bacteria that could potentially irritate or even harm your eyes. The Ancient Egyptians used makeup to protect their eyes, we don’t want to be using expired cosmetics and damaging them.

2. Clean everything EVEN your makeup bag.
Wipe down ALL of those brushes, bottles, and help them be beautiful like they help you. We recommend using warm water and tea-tree oil as its natural disinfecting properties will cleanse the surfaces without having to use any nasty chemicals.

Your makeup bag itself can be the culprit of harbouring the nasties that turn your makeup bad. It doesn’t just look dirty, it probably is. Your makeup bag is the keeper of all of your beauty secrets, keeping it healthy is absolutely part of your beauty routine.

With this one we decided to give you a helping hand, we have ordered some amazing Eye of Horus cosmetic purses to gift you with purchases this month, read on to find out more.

3. Finally, buying NEW makeup (the fun part!)
This is our favourite part. When restocking what you’ve lost (RIP three-year- old eyeshadow palette I was saving for special occasions) we recommend buying products you can use in many ways and for many occasions. Multi-purpose products save space as well as encourage us to use them more!