Eye Of Horus Cosmetics, is formulated in the style of the Ancient Egyptians with natural waxes and oils. The products are smudge-proof, long lasting, water resistant, paraben free, cruelty free and great for sensitive eyes.

All of our range is vegan friendly however our mascara and eye pencils have naturally derived beeswax in them. 

We have been asked by our loyal customers to create a mascara without the beeswax so that it is 100% vegan... therefore we are super excited to be launching our

NEW Bio Lash Lift Mascara 100% vegan and 98% organic natural ingredients. 

So let's take a closer look at why this new mascara will be the leading product of it's kind in the natural and vegan beauty world...

  • The Bio Lash Lifting Mascara is 100% Vegan 98% Organic formula with key botanicals, Marine Algae and plant derived Collagen. Formulated with Laminaria Digitata Extract – Oarweed, noted for its hair strengthening and growth promotion properties and Galactoarabinan – a natural Bio available / Bio Degradable plant based collagen from Larch Trees, with Omega 9, Vit E and Castor Seed Oil.

That's a whole lotta awesome! But there's more...

  • Designed to add length, volume and nourishment to lashes naturally promoting growth. Unique double-sided comb brush and ergonomic cap, loads product and combs through with ease for ultimate lash lifting volume and length.
  • Small tooth side loads the product onto lashes and has the ability to refine and separate small inner and lower lashes. Larger comb side then combs through with the ability to add length and height like no other brush.
  • Ergonomic cap handle is designed to grasp fingers and application with ease.

Sounds amazing yes? Well there's even science backing up this new invention...

The Bio Mascaras' creamy rich organic formula features LAMINARIA DIGITATA EXTRACT – Oarweed - a Marine Algae, noted for its hair regenerating and revitalising properties. Promotes hair growth and anti loss. Provides a rich source of iodine, iron and potassium and anti oxidant properties.

NOTE: Recent studies show (Laminaria Digitata)can not only increase hair growth by up to 27%, but it can (over a 2 month period) increase the number of hairs by up to 10%. It will help to optimize your own lash-growing potential.

Galactoarabinan also found in the Bio Mascara, is a naturally derived collagen from Larch Trees, from already harvested trees grown in abundance in Northern Hemisphere. The patented extraction process is a water-based extraction using only heat, pressure and water without using any solvents.

Also includes a whole range of essential natural ingredients for the Goddess - Organic Castor Seed Oil, Vit E, Omega 9 Fatty Acid, Sunflower Seed Oil + more.

On the 1st November the new Bio Lash Mascara will be available in stores and online for $38 AUD.