Makeup for Mature Women

Makeup for women over 50 is all about the dew. Out with any product that is prone to caking on the skin, and in with skincare—think hydrating face bases and blushes infused with radiance-boosting ingredients. 

Continue reading for a step-by-step guide to achieving a timeless beauty look at any age, including our top recommendations for products, textures and application techniques. 

Prep with skincare

Generally, the better the skin prep, the less makeup you need. For women over 50, the focus should be to hydrate, plump, and smooth the skin as much as possible. Start by massaging a nurturing oil into the skin that can be left on under makeup for a healthy glow. Avoid using anything too heavy as the makeup can slip and settle into fine lines. 

The Seven Seed Sacred Oil is a replenishing facial oil to restore, hydrate and regenerate, best used in place of a serum or moisturiser, both morning and night for nourished, renewed skin. Use under makeup as a primer or add a few drops to your moisturiser. Warm a few drops between the fingertips and gently apply to face and neck daily.

Master the Makeup Base

We believe less is generally more when working with mature skin. The more mature you are, the less heavy your foundation should be as thick makeup applied onto mature skin only exaggerates the quality of the skin. The thinner the base and the more moisturising, the better the finish. 

Serum foundations are a great option for fresh and easy everyday skin, but if you’re looking for more coverage, go with a medium coverage, liquid formula with a skin-like finish. It’s important to find one that is long-lasting and won’t settle into fine lines, making the Skin Tint Serum or Second Skin Foundation a natural choice. When it comes to concealer, a formula that won’t easily crease or look dry is essential — the Triple C Concealer ticks all of the boxes. 

Elevate with Eyes & Brows

For women over 50, it’s all about working the lashes. That includes curling, and my preference is always black mascara. As we get older, the black gives so much more brightness to the eyes. When it comes to eyeshadows, those with a matte or satin finish look the smoothest and most flattering.

For brows, we suggest choosing a shade that mimics the colour of your natural eyebrows, or if the hair is now grey, revert to your original brow colour, as this contrast adds brightness and opens and frames the face. If brows need to be drawn in, use a pencil with a very tip to mimic brow hairs — the Dual Brow and Brow Define range are ideal for achieving this look.

Complete with Colour

Colour comes next, and it comes with a significant payoff. Cream blush works wonders on mature skin — it adds hydrating colour to make the skin look more youthful. You can even use a few swipes of your satin lipstick in place of a cream blush for the same effect. The placement should be more towards the high point of your cheekbone, blended up and out towards your hairline and temples for a more ‘lifted’ look to your face.

Bronzer should be applied to the areas where the sun kisses the skin —horizontally across the forehead, the cheeks, and the bridge of the nose, and lightly along the jaw.

Like other facial features, our lips are susceptible to age-related changes. For instance, as we mature, collagen production slows, which can lead to our skin becoming thinner and result in volume reduction. Mature skin also produces less oil, which leads to dryness. Ageing is beautiful, but that doesn't mean you can't have preferences about how your favourite features look. Lining the lips will create shape and volume while enhancing the wear of your lip products. To complete the look. opt for a hydrating lipstick formula that will add a pop of colour while providing deep nourishment and conditioning the lips. 

For any questions or advice on which products are best suited to you, reach out to the team over email, Instagram, Facebook or live chat.