Our Black Liquid Define Liner has gained itself some awesome reviews amongst makeup artists, beauty bloggers and loyal customers. If you havn't tried it yourself ... read below to find out what you've been missing out on! 
"Let's take a moment to talk about @eyeofhoruscosmetics. Everything I have tried of this cosmetic line has been of extremely high quality from packaging to how pigmented there products are. I am in awe with their Black Liquid Liner, best liner in a pen format for those who may struggle. @eyeofhoruscosmetics are the bomb . com" - @mummillion

"The art of @eyeofhoruscosmetics Liquid Define Liner! Honestly created some wicked winged eyeliner with this product!" - @kirrilyjane_mua

More EOH Liquid Define features on blogs
    • "Liquid eye liners usually take a lot of practise and a very steady hand. Though with the liquid define liner this is not the case. It is easy to apply and not messy like typical liquid liners. It is shaped like a felt tip pen and creates a thin bold line effortlessly. It dries instantly preventing those annoying black rings on your eyelid too! Perfect for creating an Egyptian winged eye this liner is the definition of beauty." ~ Lola's Beauty Room blog
    • "The liquid liner is easy to use and does not run, smudge or transfer throughout the day. Definitely a must for all liner lovers!" ~ Peplum and Prosecco blog 
    • "My favourite product of the entire EOH range would have to be the Liquid define liner. This one was quite different to the others I own because the tip isn’t very flexible and bendy. The first time I used it, it was very awkward! But I realised this actually gave you so much more control! It just took a couple times to get used to, now the liquid define is my go-to pen liner. The felt tip is a great size as well. It is not to small and not to thick. The liquid define is a lot more versatile than other pen liners I’ve used, plus once the liner is dry it stays perfectly in place. There is no flaking, smudging or creasing with this pen." ~ Celia Spain blog
    • "The tip is really fine and has enough give to allow flexibility of movement, but retains enough stiffness that it's easy to draw with. Overall, a big thumbs up from me!" ~ The Made Up Maiden blog
    • "I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your liquid eyeliner (I mean I love all your glorious cosmetics, but the liquid eyeliner has been the best surprise). I am almost 37 years old and have yearned to be able to do a lovely cat-eye/flicky eyeliner ever since I was a teenager, but just never been able to master it, no matter how hard I tried. But then I tried your liquid eyeliner recently and was amazed how easy it was with that brilliant product! In less than 30 seconds I has the much coveted flicky eye liner done, and no smudges or anything! Thanks for making such perfect products and all ethical too :)" ~ Happy customer Bonnie