We are so excited to introduce our new and exciting Bio Lipstick Range. Spring has sprung and so have these every day goddess shades. They are a lusciously satin blend of lip moisturising ingredients sourced from nature to nurture and plump lips in 6 essential tones.

Our decadent new lipsticks are 98% natural origin and 100% Vegan


Here at Eye of Horus we care about our environment and are conscious to be as eco friendly as possible. We are so happy to announce that our lipstick containers are eco-friendly and recyclable - FSC approved. The plastic mechanism is cosmetic grade plastic and it is safe for recycling, along with the cardboard and foil stamping.



To celebrate the launch of our new lipstick range our favourite nature goddess Sophie Haber joined us for a special collaboration. Sophie spent the day shooting our collection and chasing the sun rays. Here's what she had to say about our Lippy's and her day out in the sun.

The day we set out to photograph the Goddess Collection for Eye Of Horus, the wind was wailing and the air smelled like Spring. I adorned myself in “Cleo”, a celestial rich plum red lipstick, and gathered all my goddess attire to bring with us. Woven baskets filled with wildflowers, flowing dresses of many shades, and hats overflowing in the winds we were ready to meet each goddess with raw beauty. A flowering trumpet tree allured us and thats where we began. We shot in my favourite meadow beneath the raining trumpet flowers, I felt like a goddess embodying wild beauty and color.  We were out amongst the nature of mother earth, the great goddess, chasing the sun rays. A beautiful moment amongst the golden grass caught our eye and I slipped on my long red dress and fitted my top hat. As far as the eye could see was this golden glimmer from the sun hitting the grass, we stopped a while, took some photos and basked in the beauty. 
Throughout our day, the 6 goddess lipsticks came with us nestled in the flowers. Each lipstick is named after a beautiful Goddess; Artemis, Goddess of the earth, represents raw nude tones of earth and nature, Aurora, known as the new dawn goddess, warm peach tones inspiring by the first light of dawn. Venus, Goddess of passion and desire, the perfect pink embodies the purity of the Goddess. Freya, fiery and sensual, passionate rose tones attract and captivate. Inana, a worshipped Goddess of eternal love, deep warm honey tones, and Cleo, celestial rich plum! 

Eye Of Horus is a company I feel passionate about sharing with my community, they work with our Mother Earth and our consciously choosing to care for her. Their Lipsticks are made out of eco friendly and recyclable cartons thats are FSC approved, meaning the foil is sustainable. They are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and 100% natural. What better makeup to wear while supporting our earth! After a day in the sun and the wailing winds, I felt nourished and vibrant wearing my goddess lipstick, and for that I believe these are magical!