What started as a quest for community has flourished into a vital charity, enriching the lives of women battling cancer with invaluable support, education, and a pioneering re-employment program. This organisation not only embodies the spirit of resilience but also serves as a powerful symbol of hope and connection, mirroring the core values we celebrate on International Womens Day and beyond.

Continue reading for our conversation with Cancer Chicks, where we explore the heart and soul of their mission to support young women battling cancer.

Can you share the story behind Cancer Chicks and its founding? How did the organisation come about, and what inspired its focus on supporting women affected by cancer?

When our Co-founder Rikki Stern was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 20, she craved contact with others in her position but could not find community support for women her age.

That inspired her along with Co-founder and Executive chair Michele Molnar ( also a Cancer Survivor and serial entrepreneur ) to launch Cancer Chicks. What started as a small online support group became a charity with support services and a thriving community.

In what ways does Cancer Chicks specifically address the unique challenges that women facing cancer may encounter? Are there particular programs or initiatives tailored to women's needs?

Cancer Chicks provides a safe and supportive space for our members to share their stories, connect with others who understand and access the resources they need to live with confidence and hope. Our programs include social gatherings, workshops, online events and our re-employment program. 

Cancer Chicks values community and support. Can you elaborate on the role of community in your organisation and how it empowers women dealing with cancer?

We strive to be the leading voice for young women with severe illness, advocating for their needs and providing a platform for their stories to be share their stories, connect with others who understand and access the resources they need to live with confidence and hope.

What achievements or milestones is Cancer Chicks particularly proud of in terms of supporting women affected by cancer? Are there success stories or impactful moments that stand out in the organisation's history?

The success of Cancer Chicks  is all about the connection of the girls. As we like to say “This is where the magic happens.” When the Cancer Chicks connect with each other, whether this be in person or online, there is support like no other. We have had Cancer Chicks who have met during their illnesses and have then gone on to being each other's bridesmaids, godmothers and important roles in each other's lives.

For International Women's Day, many organisations choose a theme to highlight. Does Cancer Chicks have a specific focus or message this year that aligns with the broader goals of celebrating and supporting women globally?

We are assisting and launching a program that will enable our 18-35 year old Cancer Chicks to get back into the workforce. To find their “new normal.” When diagnosed with Cancer or Chronic illness at a young age, some Cancer Chicks have to take a different career path for a variety of different reasons. Cancer Chicks acknowledges this and will be assisting and supporting our Cancer Chicks in this area. We want our Cancer Chcicks to have every opportunity to thrive despite their illnesses.


Partnering with Cancer Chicks is a true honour. We are committed to providing our services and support in every way we can, both through the Eye of Horus x I=Change program as well as regular events and sponsorship support.

Cancer Chicks services are cost-free — whether emotional, social, practical, or financial. The Navigational Carer service aims to alleviate the anxiety and effort of sourcing (non-medical) support while they undergo treatment. Our partnership with I=Change empowers you to give purpose to your purchase by selecting one of the three charities to support, one of which being Provide Life Aid in partnership with Cancer Chicks. In return, we will donate $1 from your order to the chosen charity.


In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re tripling donations to $3 for every purchase made from 8-10 March 2024, in partnership with i=Change.

Taking part in Shop For Change is simple. On completion of purchase you will be prompted to allocate your donation to one of the following charities: Protect A Woman (In partnership with Women's Community Shelters), Provide Life Aid (In partnership with Cancer Chicks) or Clean The Sea (In partnership with Seabin Foundation).

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