How to practice Slow Beauty

The slow beauty movement entails a return to slower, more mindful beauty practices that honour sustainably made products and ethically sourced ingredients. Challenging the fast-paced, over-consuming nature of the industry as a whole, slow beauty inspires quality and minimalistic self-care rituals that support conscious brands, which are kind to people and the planet. The movement encourages slow, sensorial beauty experiences and supports the value of quality, high performing products.

More than just a trend, slow beauty is a way of being, involving ethical accountability at every step of a products life-cycle, from development, production to consumption, and promotes recycling, re-using or re-manufacturing rather than discarding.

At Eye of Horus, we are leading the way to an artisanal, ethical and earth-friendly future with sustainable practices at the core of product development, resulting in clean, conscious and considered beauty.

Consideration for the environment

The growing awareness for environmental protection shines a light on the beauty industry as a whole; an industry that contributes to vast amounts of waste each year. Whilst zero waste is near impossible, there is still a better way of doing things, and small collective efforts can inspire positive change for years to come.
We consistently strive to work towards environmental solutions across our earth-friendly packaging and prioritise the use of sustainably sourced quality ingredients to create high-performing beauty products, which was recently recognised in the Organic Beauty Awards 2021.


Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing

Slow beauty pays attention to where ingredients are sourced from, including the location, the person who is sourcing it, the working conditions and pay rates as well as the impacts on the surrounding environment, including flora and fauna.
We ethically source the finest, organic, plant-powered ingredients to produce a product that is unparalleled. Slow beauty places emphasis on the tradition of craftsmanship, and Eye of Horus endeavours to create locally made, small-batch products where possible to minimise environmental impact.


Mindful Consumption

With everything so readily available to consumers as a whole, from beauty to fashion, information and technology, we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification through a fast-paced society. This increasing pattern of consumption results in excess waste from the rapid production of products.
Slow living encourages you to improve your mindset towards consuming and pair back your ways of being, to instead revel in the quality of the product and how it makes you feel.
Known as a holistic approach to life, this mindful practice assists us in recognising conscious industry participants, considering people, animals and our planet, and in turn, provides clarity for the brands we wish to support. 

Self Care Ritual

Humanity’s love of ritual stems back to ancient times and exists in all cultures in many shapes and forms. Human beings need rituals to face the realities of our deepest feelings, desires and constantly changing environments. The need for slow living highlights how many people have become detached from appreciating the beauty of simplistic, daily practices. 
The return to slow beauty alone invites us to bask in the luxury of makeup and skincare practices that improve our lives mentally, physically and spiritually. 
At Eye of Horus, our creative approach is to craft an alchemy of botanicals, oils and sacred ingredients to enhance your beauty regime and bring your inner essence to life. 

Quality Beauty

 The slow beauty ethos places emphasis on consuming less and purchasing higher quality products that are consciously designed. Eye of Horus leads the way for considered beauty, and we understand it is our duty to ethically source only the finest, organic ingredients wherever possible with performance at the forefront of everything we create.
When incorporating slow beauty into your daily routine, reflect on how it makes you feel, not just the way it looks, and whether the products used honour the earth and the people who created it.
The slow beauty movement is inspiring significant change, reminding us to consume more consciously and ethically, express gratitude for how quality products make us feel, buy less and love more.

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