Halloween Makeup Inspo

Happy Halloween to all you goddesses! It's a magical, mystical time of year full of mischief, artistic expression and best of all a time to dress up and make a statement. Apart from being a fun and expressive holiday, this night also brings with it a deeper spiritual meaning which came from ancient European people whos lives were connected to the natural cycles, the earth, nature and the seasons.

In ancient times it was a the end to the harvest, a time to give thanks and honour those who are no longer with us. These ancestors and spirits would return home to share in the feast as though they were still part of the community. People would leave offerings of food, drink and light candles. These old traditions have paved the way for our modern day Halloween where we light lanterns and give offerings of sweet treats on the magical night.

This special night was also seen as a time of renewal and regeneration. Commonly associated with the change of seasons. A time of transition and the year coming to an end, where new beginnings are on the horizon.

In the spirit of this holiday we wanted to leave you with a bit of inspiration. Not sure what look to go for this year? Check out some of our favourite trending looks using our Eye of Horus products.



The year of 2017 has seen Halloween trends moving away from blood and gore. Instead we are seeing looks taking us back to the pop art era and looks embodying the nature goddess. Check out some of our favourite looks for this years night of mischief!